‘Biparjoy’ has turned into a severe cyclonic storm in 48 hours, know the reason for this intensity and what will be the effect



Arabian Sea The cyclonic storm ‘Biparjoy’ that arose in 2006 has taken a very serious form at present. as per IMD biparjoy Will affect Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. It is expected that this cyclonic storm will move from north to north-west. It is a matter of relief that the monsoon reached Kerala yesterday after a delay of a few days. But it is also a fact that due to the cyclone, the speed of monsoon can be affected. This is the reason why the Meteorological Department has issued an alert regarding the storm in Mumbai-Goa, Karnataka-Kerala and Gujarat.

Southwest Monsoon delayed

Due to this cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea, India has faced some delay in the arrival of Southwest Monsoon this year. Meteorologists predict that the storm will maintain the strength of an extremely severe cyclone till June 12. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) believes that the warm sea surface temperature and favorable atmospheric conditions are contributing to the intensity of this storm and the system may further intensify in the coming 36 hours.

150% increase in severe cyclones

Studies show that there has been an increase in the frequency, duration and intensity of cyclones in the Arabian Sea. While the number of cyclones has increased by 52%, there has been a 150% increase in very severe cyclones. The warming of the Arabian Sea due to climate change plays an important role in this trend. Cyclone Biparjoy, like previous cyclones, has benefited from rising ocean temperatures and increased moisture availability due to global warming. In addition, the total duration of cyclones in the Arabian Sea has increased by 80% during the last two decades. The duration of very severe cyclones has increased by 260%.

sea ​​surface temperatures are very warm

GP Sharma (President – Meteorology and Climate Change) told Skymet Weather that the sea surface temperature (SST) is very warm, which adds more heat and moisture to the atmosphere. This will help the system to retain its strength for a longer period. The onset of the Southwest Monsoon over India, which was predicted around 4 June, was affected by the appearance of the cyclone. Monsoon has already arrived in Kerala but it is bound to be affected as a result of the development of the cyclone.

serious impact of climate change

The increase in cyclone activity around the onset of monsoon and the weak monsoon can be attributed to climate change. The increase in cyclone activity in the Arabian Sea is strongly linked to rising ocean temperatures and increased moisture availability under global warming. The most recent example is Cyclone Mocha, which intensified into a very severe cyclone. Cyclone Biparjoy is also taking a serious form very fast. It has covered its journey from a severe cyclonic storm to a severe cyclonic storm in less than 48 hours.

The reason for the strength of the cyclonic storm

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is usually high during this time of year. However, at present they are 2-3 degrees above normal hot temperatures. This means that there is more heat and moisture in the atmosphere, which helps cyclonic storms to maintain their strength for a longer period. The threshold value for cyclone formation is 26°C, but currently the SSTs are in the range of 30-32°C. This increase can be attributed to the increase in ocean warming due to climate change. According to the IPCC, the sea surface temperature has increased and it is expected to increase further in the future. The fastest surface warming has occurred in the Indian Ocean. As a result, the intensity of severe tropical cyclones is expected to increase in the warmer climate. Overall, it is clear that the presence of cyclonic storm Biperjoy in the Arabian Sea will have an impact on the Southwest Monsoon.

(The author is an environmentalist)

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