Latest technology and international standards to ensure food safety and quality


Mwani Qatar confirmed that the advanced infrastructure of our ports, equipped with the latest technologies, contributes to meeting international standards of food safety and quality and ensuring efficient and safe handling, storage, and transport of food products, thus contributing to the protection of public health. In a tweet on the occasion of World Food Day, she said that food safety is one of the goals. Main in Mwani Qatar
A multi-use terminal at Hamad Port includes sub-stations equipped to handle imports of grain, cars and livestock. The grain terminal has the capacity to handle up to 1 million tons of grain, and is characterized by its self-loading and unloading conveyor belts that pour directly into storage silos. The car terminal, which accommodates vessels with stern and side ramps, has the capacity to receive 500,000 vehicles per year.
The Animal Revolution Station is distinguished by its presence on multi-layered gates that separate the different types of animals from each other
The general cargo terminal at Hamad Port is designed to handle all types of non-containerized goods, regardless of their size and other specifications. With a capacity of 1.7 million tons, the general cargo terminal can handle various goods including machinery, steel, dry bulk, building materials, fertilizers and petrochemical products.
She also stressed that the protection of the marine environment is a top priority, due to its importance in the sustainability of marine life and the ecosystems that support it. In this context, she added, we moved and resettled thousands of corals, seaweeds and seedlings before building one of the largest projects in the country, which is Hamad Port.


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