Birsa Munda Punyatithi LIVE: Birsa Munda’s 123rd death anniversary today, people are paying homage


Today on Birsa Martyrdom Day in Munda Khunti

Union Minister Arjun Munda will come to Ranchi on June 9 on the martyrdom day of Bhagwan Birsa Munda. Shri Munda will reach Ranchi from Delhi at 12 noon. Then we will garland the statue of Birsa Munda in Birsa Chowk. After this, at 12.45 pm, flowers will be offered at Kokar’s mausoleum. Mr. Munda will then leave for Khunti. Will participate in the annual conference of Bhagwan Birsa Munda’s Martyrdom Day cum All India Sarna Samaj organized at Birsa College Khunti at 3 pm. Will return to Ranchi after participating in the Pran Pratishtha program at Hanuman Temple in Murhu at 4.15 pm.

Birsa Munda’s 123rd death anniversary today, people are paying tribute

Birsa Munda, the great leader of the tribals, who changed the condition and direction of the tribal society in the 19th century with his revolutionary and social reform activities. In Jharkhand, he has been given the noun of Dharti Aaba. People are celebrating the 123rd death anniversary of Birsa Munda, who is worshiped like a god in the state and are paying homage to him.


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