Bihar: Full electricity is being received from transmission, but there is a glitch in the supply, people are getting worried.


Patna. As soon as the mercury rises, there has been an unexpected huge increase in the demand for electricity. While the demand for electricity has increased to its highest level of 6500-6600 MW in peak hours, the demand for electricity has almost doubled even during normal hours i.e. from 10 am to 5 pm. On normal days, the consumption of electricity does not exceed 3000-3500 MW during normal hours, but on Thursday at 11-12 noon there was a demand of about six thousand MW. To meet this demand, the engineers of the power companies lost their sweat.

getting full power from transmission

Grid and substations got enough power from transmission, but feeder and distribution transformers started gasping to reach it to common consumers. With demand continuing to be at an all-time high, the power supply had to be interrupted several times to keep the equipment cool. Due to this, there were complaints of power failure while living in different areas and localities.

Adequate power received from central units

According to the power company, Bihar is getting enough power from central units. Allocation of about 6,000 MW power was made available from the central units in the peak hour on Thursday also. According to the officials, if this heat condition persists, the record of highest demand of 6786 MW of electricity in Bihar last year may be broken.

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air conditioner running at full load

According to the engineers, the demand for electricity has increased in most of the districts of the state due to severe heat and heatwave conditions. Due to increase in demand of electricity from rural areas, there has been a huge increase in the total demand. In view of the ever-increasing pressure on electrical equipment, engineers have been instructed to keep safety measures ready.



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