Jharkhand: Due to poverty, the body of a daughter of Simdega could not come from Delhi, the village was a victim of human trafficking


Simdega, Ravikant Sahu: The dead body of a daughter of Hethma Panchayat area under Simdega district could not reach the village from Delhi. The poverty-stricken family did not have the money to bring the dead body of the daughter to the village. It was told that human traffickers lured him to Delhi by luring him to earn money and handed him over to someone else.

what is the matter

A daughter of Bhejribari village of Hethma panchayat of Kurdeg block was murdered in Delhi on June 2. On June 3, the family members of the deceased were informed about this by the Delhi Police. As soon as the information was received, the father of the deceased informed the chief. The father of the deceased went to Delhi along with other public representatives, but they did not have enough money to bring the dead body of the daughter from Delhi to their village. For this reason, the dead body of the daughter was buried in Delhi itself.

Murder in Delhi

In this regard, the head of the Hethma Panchayat told that a daughter of Bhijiribari village was murdered in Delhi. Even during the post-mortem, the police did not allow the family members to come near the dead body of the daughter. Only face shown. The 16 year old daughter of the tribal community came from a very poor family.

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sold to delhi

It was told that Ajay Lakda, a resident of Semarbeda, lured this minor of Bhijiribari village to earn money and took him to Delhi by allurement. Took it to Delhi and sold it. Where he was being tortured everyday. Chief Sunita Devi told that Ajay Lakda had taken the deceased to Delhi in February 2023 without asking his father.


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