Kidnapping and murder of a teenager in Supaul, fear of love affair is being expressed behind the incident


Supaul. A sensational incident of murder has come to the fore in Supaul district of Kosi division. Sensation spread in the area after the dead body of a young man was found in a mango garden near Siddiqui Chowk of Chhatapur police station area. After getting the dead body, angry people blocked the road. Triveniganj’s SDPO Vipin Kumar said that traffic was restored after pacifying the people. The dead body has been sent for postmortem. The police is probing the matter deeply. Soon the culprit will be arrested after revealing the matter. It is being told that the incident took place in a love affair.

Fear of murder in love affair

In relation to the incident, it is told that late night Sajjan Sahni, a resident of Rampur ward no. Tied and beaten all night. The criminals were asking the gentleman the address of his cousin Vikas Sahni. On Tuesday, when the gentleman reached home after getting out of the clutches of the criminals, he came to know that Vikas’s body was found in a mango orchard. After this, the gentleman narrated the incident to the family members and other people. After this the anger of the people flared up. People started protesting by arson on the road.

assurance to arrest the accused

On seeing the spot, a huge crowd of people gathered around. While identifying the dead body, angry people started demanding the arrest of the accused by burning tires on the road. Triveniganj SDPO Vipin Kumar, who reached the spot on the information of the incident, pacified the people by convincing them. Also assured to arrest the miscreants involved in the incident. Despite this, there is a tense atmosphere in the area.


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