Gujarat: Central government’s big plan regarding PM Modi’s village Vadnagar, development will happen on a large scale


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who made India famous all over the world, is still trying to repay the debt of his birthplace Vadnagar. Because of this, now PM Modi’s plans on the dream project of rejuvenation of Vadnagar are taking shape. Its results will make not only Vadnagar but entire Gujarat world famous in the days to come. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s village Vadnagar will be developed in four phases in the near future. In which a plan has been prepared to prepare a big museum. Which will be opened for world class tourists.

The special thing is that there is a school in Vadnagar, which dates back to the 19th century. In which Prime Minister Narendra Modi studied. It is being developed as a place of inspiration. The special thing is that it has been named Prerna. Although 1500 children from all over the country will be brought here, who will be told inspiring stories. Where children will get messages of inspiration.

This Vadnagar school has 8 classrooms. Where digital and physical education will be arranged. Vadnagar has a strong connection with Buddhism and Jainism. Significantly, Vadnagar is also connected to China. In the excavations so far in Vadnagar, two and a half thousand years old culture has been found. Along with this, Vadnagar has been described in Mahabharata, Puranas and Shastras. Significantly, such detailed research has not yet been done in India.

Vadnagar has developed in the same way in the past as well, which is continuing. Vadnagar is a historical city, but the people of Vadnagar give credit to Narendra Modi for giving this city global recognition and taking it on the path of development. It is an ancient city with a long history in its womb. Its past is glorious and ancient, while its present is dazzling. The city has seen many changes. Today the eyes of the whole world are on this city.

The city has been in limelight ever since Modi became the chief minister. Even after becoming the Prime Minister, the identity of this city crossed the borders of the country. Even today when Modi talks about development, the first question that the opponents ask is what development Modi has done in his hometown Vadnagar? This is an attempt to find the right answer to one such question.


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