World Environment Day: Balanced and equitable way to protect the environment


-Bharat Dogra-

(Senior Journalist/Commentator)

environment Day It is a favorable time to understand the seriousness of the environmental crisis and its solution. Research by scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Center has attempted to focus attention on one of Earth’s biggest crises in recent times, which has been the subject of much discussion. In this, nine specific boundary lines have been identified for the safety of life on earth, which should not be transgressed by human activities. It is a matter of deep concern that three out of these nine boundaries have started being encroached upon. These three limits are climate change, loss of bio-diversity and change in the global nitrogen cycle.

Conditions do not exist for solving problems

Apart from this, there are four other limits which are likely to be violated in the near future. These four areas are – global phosphorus cycle, global water use, ocean acidification and change in land use at the global level. It has been told in the study that all these boundary lines are definitely not completely different from each other and whatever problems are arising in one context, they also affect other contexts and are affected by them. In this way, in real life, the combined effect of all these factors can lead to very dangerous results. At present, proper conditions to control these problems do not exist globally, but it is very important to pay attention to this.

1575 scientists had issued a statement

In 1992, the world’s 1575 scientists (which included almost half of all living Nobel Prize scientists at that time) issued a statement in which they said, “We want to warn humanity about what the future holds.” It is possible? There is a need for a comprehensive change in the way the earth and its life is arranged, otherwise there will be a lot of pain and suffering and our home, this earth, will be destroyed so badly that it will not be able to be saved.

Many species may become extinct by 2100

These scientists further said that the atmosphere, oceans, soil, forests and various forms of life are all under tremendous pressure from the ravaged environment and by the year 2100, one-third of the various life forms on Earth may disappear. Many ways of present way of life of man are destroying the possibilities of secure life in future and can change this living world so much that the existence of life as we know it becomes difficult. These eminent scientists insisted that fundamental changes are necessary to stop this devastation of nature.

Scientists had warned 25 years ago

On completion of 25 years of the warning of the year 1992, once again very famous scientists of the world issued a new appeal in the year 2017. This appeal attracted more attention than before. It was signed by 13,524 scientists and other eminent persons from 180 countries. It was said in this statement that most of the serious problems to which attention was drawn in the year 1992 are becoming more acute than before or there is no significant progress in the efforts to solve them. Only in the ozone layer problem has some important remarkable success been achieved. Other life-threatening problems are present in the same serious condition as before or their condition has worsened.

Nuclear bombs are a great danger

Along with this, it is also important to note that even more serious problems can arise from the dropping of some atomic bombs. After knowing how much devastation was caused by only one atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the fact seems really terrible that despite various disarmament talks and conferences, there are more than 13000 nuclear bombs present in the world today. According to the Human Development Report, the destructive power of the stockpile of nuclear weapons alone at this time is seven hundred times more than the power of the combined explosives of the three biggest wars of the twentieth century. In fact, leave aside the matter of thousands, if even a few hundred nuclear weapons are ever used, then crores of people will be killed immediately and crores of other people will continue to die later. After this, such environmental and climatic changes will come far and wide, in which it will be almost impossible for most of the remaining humans and creatures to survive. Therefore, it is very important that nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction should be abolished and the whole world should adopt the path of disarmament and peace.

Lifestyle changes necessary

To control the environmental crisis, a change in life-style is necessary and along with it a change in life-values ​​is necessary. It is necessary to oppose consumerism, it is necessary to oppose luxury and drugs. The most effective way to get public participation in measures to control the environmental crisis is to make a plan to bring about a substantial reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions over a reasonable time period that meets the basic needs of all people. Be attached to completing the plan and then move swiftly towards implementing this plan. If work is done by planning such a plan, then along with the essential goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the goal of meeting the basic needs of crores of destitute people will inevitably be added and in this way there will be enthusiastic support of crores of people for such a plan. Will be able to get In this way, it is clear that the path of environment protection, peace and justice, equitable development and equality and simplicity are all interrelated and by adopting all these together, a balanced solution to the environmental crisis will be found.

(These are the personal views of the author.)

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