Delhi Metro sold more than 74 lakh paper tickets with QR code in 1 month, token sales decreased by 32 percent


Delhi Metro: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said that more than 74 lakh QR code based paper tickets were sold in a month. DMRC said that token sales have fallen by more than 30 per cent during this period. DMRC introduced the system of QR code-based paper tickets on May 8. DMRC officials said that Delhi Metro plans to phase out the token system gradually. He said that any future plans will be made keeping in mind the constraints of digital technology and it will also be kept in mind that not all passengers use smartphones.

A senior DMRC official said that till May 30, a total of 74,00,854 QR code based tickets have been sold. Metro hopes that after the start of this service, passengers will gradually reduce the use of token tickets. However, several passengers have complained that they have faced technical difficulties at Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates while using QR code based paper tickets.

there is no loophole on the doors

A senior DMRC official said that now there is no technical glitch at the AFC gates. He told that about 50 percent of AFC gates in the entire network have been made QR code compliant. Since the introduction of QR code-based paper tickets, token sales have declined by about 32 per cent. At present, passengers can buy QR code based tickets in addition to tokens from metro station counters. DMRC also issues smart cards to ensure seamless travel.

A senior DMRC official said last month that the DMRC has updated AFC gates and customer service counters to make them QR code-based. to conform to the code. It also aims to upgrade ticket vending machines to dispense QR-based paper tickets.

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cost will be less

Significantly, Delhi Metro started its operations in December 2002. In this episode, a senior Metro official said that the token used for travel is made in India but the chip is bought from abroad. The tokens are made of PVC material. On the cost of making a token, the official said that it costs about Rs 16 to make a token. Whereas, the cost of manufacturing the QR code based paper ticket is very less as compared to the token.


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