Agra: Video of a person firing harshly on the road went viral, police arrested


Agra: In Uttar Pradesh, the administration has started a campaign against those who are firing harshly. Still, every day such incidents are seen on social media from somewhere, after which the police takes cognizance of the matter and takes action. Some such case has been seen on social media in Taj city Agra.

A video is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. In this video, a person is seen firing several rounds on the ground. The person seen in the video is being identified as a relative of Agra mayor Hemlata Diwakar. The name of this person is Mahesh Pal Singh.

The video of this person named Mahesh Pal Singh firing openly is going viral on social media. In this 18-second video, this person named Mahesh Pal Singh is firing two rounds on the ground with a pistol. Some people are also roaming around the person while firing, in such a situation some kind of big accident could have happened.

People demanded action on social media

After which many people in the district have demanded action by sharing this video on social media platforms and tagging the Agra Police. According to media reports, this person named Mahesh Pal Singh is being described as the brother-in-law of the newly elected BJP mayor of Agra and former MLA Hemlata Diwakar.

In the said case, the police station Sikandra registered the charges under the relevant sections, arrested the accused and the report of disarmament is being sent to the concerned department.

— POLICE COMMISSIONERATE AGRA (@agrapolice) June 4, 2023

No relation with the person named Mahesh Pal Singh – Mayor Hemlata

On the other hand, when this was discussed with the mayor of Agra, Hemlata Diwakar, she said that she has no relation with a person named Mahesh Pal Singh. He told that whoever breaks the law, strict action will be taken against him. After the video went viral on social media, the Agra police responded and directed the concerned officer to take cognizance of the video and take action. After which the Sikandra police station took cognizance and arrested the accused person along with the pistol.



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