Meta will start microblogging site to compete with Twitter, may be launched in late June


New Delhi : Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms is planning to launch a microblogging site to compete with microblogging site Twitter. According to the news coming in the media quoting sources, the microblogging site can be launched by Meta by the end of June. The new site, codenamed Barcelona, ​​will be linked to Instagram for operations.

Twitter is struggling to keep users engaged

According to information received from sources, up to 500 characters can be included in a post on Meta’s microblogging site. He said users can easily switch photos and videos between Meta’s social media site Instagram and the new microblogging site. According to sources, hashtags can also be used in Meta’s new microblogging site and it is being alpha tested and checked for bugs. The timing is crucial for Meta, as Twitter is struggling to retain users on its board.

Launching can happen in June

On the question of the launch of the new microblogging site, sources said that although no official announcement has been made by the company yet, it can be launched by the end of June. There is also news that Meta has outsourced advertising before launching the new site.

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who will compete

According to media reports, Meta’s upcoming new microblogging site will compete with Mastodon, Ku and Twitter. Mastodon operates through a de-centralized server, that is, there is no central management or authority for it. There will be a tough competition between Meta’s new microblogging site and Twitter. According to media reports, the new microblogging site is going to be launched by Meta because Elon Musk has partially banned those accounts from sharing links of Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon.


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