Along with fishing in Sultanpur, the villager drowned in the river, the son’s life was saved by the prudence of the village head’s husband


Lucknow (dialogue): A painful accident took place in Sultanpur, UP. As it used to happen, the villager had gone down to the river with his son to go fishing. Suddenly he drowned in deep water. The son’s life was saved by the courage and foresight of the village head’s husband. Due to the death of the villager, a mountain of sorrows has broken on the family. The incident took place near Diyara Rajghat in Khairaha village under Motigarpur police station area of ​​the district. On information, the police took possession of the body taken out of the river and sent it for post-mortem. After the information, the divers in the surrounding village descended into the river in a hurry and after an hour’s hard work, Ramchandan’s body was taken out of the river. .

Ramchandan Nishad had landed in the river with his 9-year-old son

Ramchandan Nishad (35), a resident of Khairaha village, along with his son Saurabh (09), had landed in the Gomti river for fishing near Diyara Rajghat. Due to going into deep water, both father and son suddenly started drowning. Jitendra Verma, husband of Suman Verma, head of Belvare Gram Panchayat of Dostpur block, who came to attend the last rites of a villager after listening to his son’s plea, showed speed. He went into the river with a big piece of bamboo and after a lot of effort pulled Saurabh towards the bank with the help of bamboo. This saved his life. On the other hand, his father Ramchandan drowned in deep water.

Trouble befell the family

As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police came there and took the dead body into custody. The police sent the dead body for postmortem after doing the panchnama. Where people are praising Pradhan Pati Jitendra Verma for saving Saurabh’s life. At the same time, people are also sorry for not being able to save Ram Chandan. In the family of the deceased Ramchandan, mother Vanshraji, father Ramangina, wife Kusum, daughter Madhu, apart from Saurabh, Gaurav and a milky-mouthed son. After the incident, the family is in bad condition crying. On the information of village head Subhashchandra, revenue officials also reached the village and collected information about the incident. After the death of Ramchandan, a mountain of troubles has broken on the family.


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