Congress came in support of same-sex marriage, tweeted on Pride Month of LGBT community- love connects us…


congress party Today a tweet has been done from the Twitter handle of the party, through which the party has in a way announced its support to the people of the LGBT community. It has been tweeted in English by the Congress party which means love connects us. Stand with pride to celebrate love, equality and acceptance.

gay marriage is not legal

The Congress party has supported the people of the LGBT community when the whole country is waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court on the issue of same-sex marriage. So far gay marriage is not legally recognized in our country. According to the decision given earlier by the Supreme Court, same-sex relations are not a crime, but same-sex marriages have not yet been allowed. Hearing is going on in the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage and the court has said on this issue that it is difficult to recognize same-sex marriage without entering into the Personal Law Act because many problems can arise after this.

Love unites all! Proud to celebrate and stand for love, equality, and acceptance.

— Congress (@INCIndia) June 1, 2023

Rajasthan government opposes gay marriage

This tweet of the Congress party is also important because when the center tried to know the opinion of the states on the issue of same-sex marriage, the Rajasthan government opposed it. The Gehlot government of Rajasthan had said that if same-sex marriage is recognized, it may disturb the social system, but if two homosexual persons want to live together then it is not wrong.

what is pride month

Significantly, the month of June has started and the people of the LGBT community celebrate the month of June as Pride Month. This month is dedicated to the fight for their rights. Pride Month started after the riots in America’s Stonewall, where people of the LGBT community raised their voice for their rights and since then they associate it with their pride and dedicate the month of June to their rights.

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