Bihar Crime: Dead bodies of young men and women found in different closed sacks, fear of honor killing


Police have recovered the dead bodies of an unknown young man and a woman locked in two different sacks near Telmar turn of Salimpur police station area on Bakhtiyarpur forelane of Patna. Seeing the dead bodies, it seems that both of them were killed somewhere else and the dead bodies were brought here and kept. Prima facie, the police is considering it as a case of honor killing, although all the points are being investigated.

Dead body shown to people doing morning walk

According to the information received, people walking on Wednesday morning saw two sacks thrown in the shoulder near Telmar turn on the forelane. Eagles and crows were hovering around the sack. When in doubt, people informed the police about it. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and took both the sacks in their custody. On opening the sack, the bodies of a young man and a woman were recovered from both.

Police investigating the matter

According to the police, the age of the girl is around 18 years and she was wearing kurti and salwar. And the young man was wearing only black underpants. His age is said to be around 25 years. The police believe that both the young men and women must have been lovers and seeing their objectionable condition, the dead bodies have been buried in this deserted place after killing them. The police is busy in identifying the young man and woman with a thorough investigation on all points including honor killing.

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