rajendra singh said if not get alert land of bihar will become waterless axes | Water man Rajendra Singh said in Prabhat Khabar Samvad


Magsaysay Award winner and famous as Jal Purush Rajendra Singh participated in Prabhat Khabar Samvad program on Tuesday. In the question-answer series, he gave detailed information on the topics of Bihar’s water crisis, floods, drought, climate change, water management, agriculture pattern and land encroachment of rivers. He warned that if Bihar, the ‘beloved of God’ and ‘Panidar’, does not take precautions in the matter of water availability in time, then the land here will become waterless in the coming few years. He also described rivers as the sharpest weapon to deal with the disaster caused by climate change. He warned that in Bihar, withdrawal is more than groundwater recharge.


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