Participants in Project Qatar 2023 for Al-Arab: Supporting the growth of the industrial sector


A number of participants in Project Qatar 2023 confirmed that their ambitions in the field of developing the manufacturing sector go beyond the local market, pointing to the efforts of Qatari industrial companies to promote the export of their products to Arab and international markets.
They assured the Arabs of their keenness to participate in this year’s edition of the “Project Qatar” exhibition with the aim of highlighting their products and expanding their reach at the global level, noting in this context the important role that the exhibition plays in supporting the growth of the manufacturing sector in preparation for the arrival of these products to neighboring regional markets, as The most prominent trade fair in terms of global turnout in the country.
They praised the large number of international participants every year, as the current session witnesses the participation of many foreign companies looking for opportunities to expand their business in Qatar. The exhibitors at “Project Qatar 2023” include the most important companies operating in the fields of construction technology and services, interior design, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, building stone technology, factories, machinery and vehicles, and witness the participation of the most prominent companies that contribute effectively to the growth of the construction and construction sector in Qatar.

Haider Mushaimish, General Manager of the International Exhibitions Company – Qatar: Project Qatar inaugurates the return of strong international participation

Haider Mushaimish, General Manager of the International Exhibitions Company – Qatar, said that the combination of the international and the local formula we have been keen on since the beginning of the Project Qatar exhibition and we are still adhering to it. ,
Pointing out that this year’s edition attracted 125 international companies from 25 different countries, eight of which participated in official national pavilions, most notably Turkey, Italy, Germany, India, Pakistan and Iran, and this is new. In general, these countries participate in official national pavilions led by the ministries of commerce in those countries, and 200 Qatari companies, led by major Governmental and semi-governmental agencies and the most prominent private sector companies, and stressed that the advantage of the exhibition this year is that it is the first edition of the exhibition to be held after the World Cup, indicating that the role of the exhibition over the past ten years has been to contribute to the country’s preparations to host the World Cup by providing the requirements of vital and huge projects associated with the tournament.
Mushaimish stressed that the exhibition is on the verge of launching a new phase whose main title is related to the Qatar National Vision 2030, as we decided on this basis to focus on this aspect in terms of focusing on supporting local production and the renaissance of the Qatari industry, indicating that the bulk of the exhibition was allocated to major Qatari industrial companies and producers. local.
He stressed that the main goal is to highlight the growing volume of local industrial production, along with increasing industrial investment opportunities in the country, while opening horizons and establishing new partnerships with actors in the local and international markets, especially since the exhibition witnesses wide international participation by a large number of global commercial entities that It seeks to deliver its products to the Qatari market and strengthen its commercial relations with the State of Qatar.
In terms of numbers, Mushaimish confirmed that the current version witnesses the participation of 325 companies distributed among 200 local companies and 125 international companies representing 25 different countries, including 8 countries participating in official pavilions representing their countries: Turkey, China, Italy, Iran, India, Pakistan and the State of Kuwait, led by the Public Authority for Industry, pointing out To the return of international participation at the same level that we knew before the period of the Corona pandemic, including the strong Chinese and Kuwaiti participation.

Suhail Holding, the largest industrial group in Qatar, participates in the exhibition

Suhail Industrial Holding Group participated in the Project Qatar 2023 exhibition through its distinctive pavilion, which contributed to the presentation of the group’s factories’ products, including engineering formations, plastic products, metals, bronzes, and batteries. Mr. Mohamed Al-Jaja, Marketing Director of Suhail Industrial Holding Group, confirmed that the group has made great strides and is moving towards new horizons of local industrial production, based on metal recycling, based on long experience in addition to the state’s support for the industrial sector to contribute to meeting the requirements of the Qatari market.
Al-Jaga stressed that the work of the group is based in large part on the ideal exploitation of the waste of mineral projects, to produce and supply the market with all the metal and plastic products it needs that were imported from abroad, and some of them were not manufactured in Qatar, but at the present time they are manufactured at a rate of 100%. With Qatari hands and the ability to expand to global markets with competitive products.
He explained to The Arabs that Suhail Holding is currently the largest industrial group in Qatar in terms of the number of factories, the value of investment and the quality of industry. The factories affiliated with the group primarily aim to provide all the needs of the state authorities and their projects in terms of metal products that they need in the basic works of the projects. For example, but not limited to, the factories will produce iron manholes, rain collection centers, and other needs and requirements for the infrastructure stakeholders.
Referring to the group’s role in bridging the production gaps in this industrial sector to serve the Qatari market, respond to its needs and achieve self-sufficiency.

Qterminals aims to establish new partnerships

The QTerminals Group is participating as a silver sponsor in the 19th International Exhibition of Building Materials, Equipment and Technologies “Project Qatar 2023”, which will be held from May 29 to June 1, 2023 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.
Through its pavilion at the exhibition, QTerminals sheds light on the group’s local and international achievements, as well as informing interested participants and visitors of the exhibition about its future plans, as well as seeking to establish new partnerships with actors in the local and international markets, especially since the exhibition witnesses wide international participation by A large number of international commercial entities seeking to deliver their products to the Qatari market and strengthen their commercial relations with the State of Qatar.
Ms. Nour Ibrahim Shahdad, Director of Corporate Communications for QTerminals Group, said: We are pleased to participate and sponsor the nineteenth edition of Project Qatar 2023, given the role it plays in introducing best practices in the construction and other related industries. Project Qatar also includes a selection of the most prominent companies. It is an opportunity to introduce QTerminals, the role of Hamad Port and the distinguished services it provides as a gateway for the State of Qatar to trade with the world. Hamad Port represents Qatar’s main gateway to trade with the world and plays a vital role in diversifying Qatar’s economy and making it more competitive in line with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030 due to its high potential that makes it rank eighth globally as the most efficient port on the container ports performance index for the year 2022.
She added that the company works in the field of providing container and cargo handling services, as well as marine logistics and cruise ship services.
She clarified that Hamad Port represents the main port of the group, where the company manages and develops the port, which includes the first container terminal, the second container terminal, the general cargo terminal, the multi-use terminal, and the marine supply and support terminal. The company is also responsible for enabling Qatari imports and exports, the flow of maritime trade, and stimulating economic growth locally and regionally. .
QTerminals is a leading international port operator and management company, providing many services such as container handling, ro-ro cargo, general and bulk cargo handling, livestock, as well as logistics, marine supply services and cruise ship services.


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