Bihar Train News: Two trains passing through Bihar will remain cancelled, eight routes changed, see list


Bihar Train News: These days construction work is going on between Aundihar-Sadat stations in Varanasi Division of North Eastern Railway. Therefore, the Railways has canceled two trains, while the route of eight trains has been changed.

canceled trains

7th and 14th June: 15551 Darbhanga-Varanasi City Express

June 8 and 15: Varanasi City-Darbhanga Express

route change

30 May, 06 & 13 June: 15021 Shalimar-Gorakhpur Express via Varanasi Jn.-Shahganj-Mau

30 May, 06 and 15 June: 14008 Anand Vihar Terminal-Raxaul Express via Jaffrabad-Shahganj-Mau-Phephna

31st May, 07th & 14th June: 14018 Anand Vihar Terminal-Raxaul Express via Shahganj-Mau-Phephna

07 and 14 June: 09525 Okha-Naharlugam Express via Varanasi-DDU-Patliputra-Sonpur

09, 14 & 15 June: 11061 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Jaynagar Express via Varanasi-DDU-Patliputra-Sonpur

June 11: 14523 Barauni-Ambala Express via Phephna-Mau-Audihar

From June 15 to 19: 14005 Lichchavi Express via Mau-Shahganj-Jaunpur-Prayagraj

From June 14 to 18: 14006 Lichchavi Express via Prayagraj-Jaunpur-Shahganj-Mau

Partial termination and commencement of trains

June 15: 22323 Kolkata-Ghazipur City Express will go up to Varanasi City station only.

June 16: 22324 Ghazipur City-Kolkata Express will depart from Varanasi City station.

Patliputra-Lucknow Express will also stop at Ekma station

Keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, the Railways has announced stoppage of some important trains at three stations. Patliputra-Lucknow Express will now stop at Ekma and Patliputra-Gorakhpur Express at Shamkauria and Rajapatti stations. 12529 Patliputra-Lucknow Express will reach Ekma station at 18:30 hrs from 30 May and depart further at 18:32 hrs. 12530 Lucknow-Patliputra Express will reach Ekma station at 12:34 hrs from 30th May and depart further at 12:36 hrs. Whereas, 15079 Patliputra-Gorakhpur Express will reach Shamkauria station at 18:15 hrs from June 10 and depart at 18.17 hrs, while 15080 Gorakhpur-Patliputra Express will reach Shamkauria station at 08:29 hrs from June 10 and depart at 08:31 hrs. 15079 Patliputra-Gorakhpur Express will arrive Rajapatti station at 18:40 hrs from 01st June at 18:38 hrs whereas 15080 Gorakhpur-Patliputra Express will arrive Rajapatti station at 08:08 hrs from 01st June at 08:06 hrs.

Operation of Guwahati-Jaipur Summer Special up to Udaipur

Railways has now decided to run the summer special train running between Guwahati and Jaipur up to Udaipur. According to information, 05616/05615 Guwahati-Jaipur-Guwahati summer special train will now run up to Udaipur. 05615 Udaipur-Guwahati Summer Special leaving Udaipur from May 31 will leave Udaipur at 14:20 hrs, while 05616 Guwahati-Udaipur Summer Special leaving Guwahati from June 4 will reach Udaipur City at 21.05 hrs.

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Inspection of Bhairoganj-Kharpokhara doubled rail section

Suvomoy Mitra, Safety Commissioner (Railways), Eastern Circle, Kolkata, on Tuesday inspected the newly built double section between Bhairoganj-Kharpokhara, eight km long, under the Sugauli-Valmikinagar doubling project. After inspection, speed trial was also successfully conducted from Bhairaganj to Kharpokhara. It may be known that under the 110 km long Sugauli-Valmikinagar doubling project, doubling of 32 km rail section from Sugauli to Harnagar has been completed and commissioned.



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