Action will be taken on faulty ultrasound centers of Patna within two days, investigation done


In view of the complaints regarding the operation of ultrasound centers in Patna district, a surprise inspection of more than a dozen ultrasound centers was conducted on Tuesday. At most, the team examined more than half a dozen ultrasound centers including Vani Clinic in Bailey Road simultaneously. Somewhere the registration certificate was not found pasted in it, and somewhere the registration itself had failed. Many centers were even caught giving wrong information to the Civil Surgeon Office. Reprimanding the concerned centers in this regard, a report was prepared and sent to the magistrate and the district administration team. Here the report related to the investigation of ultrasound centers is being assessed. Action will be taken in two days on the centers which do not comply with the standards. Along with the closure of these centres, legal action will be taken against the operators. All the reports are being reviewed in the DM’s office. After this it will be forwarded to the civil surgeon for action.

Registration in the name of pregnant woman

More than two dozen ultrasound centers are operating from Rajabazar to Saguna Mod. It was found in the investigation that there are mostly such ultrasound centers, which have been given registration only in the name of ultrasound examination of pregnant women. But they are examining the diseases of all other types of patients including men.

Medical Officer Dr. Dinkar Mishra said that on the instructions of the district administration, the investigation is going on at the ultrasound centers. On the second day also, reports of most of the centers have been prepared and sent to the administration. In these, flaws have been found in some investigation centers including Vani Clinic, Medicity Diagnostics. Both echo and ultrasound tests are done at Vani Clinic, but there is no mention in the register of conducting ultrasound tests for even a single pregnant woman, yet the civil surgeon’s office has been informed to do the test. Apart from this, a report has been prepared and sent to the ultrasound centers where deficiencies have been found. It may be mentioned here that a day before on Monday also a large number of three different teams had examined the ultrasound centers in the district.

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what do the officers say

DM Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh said that 532 ultrasound centers were examined in the district on Monday. The investigation team has given the report. The reports of all the centers are being scrutinised. According to the report, action will be taken on the ultrasound centers found to have irregularities. Civil surgeon Dr. Shravan Kumar told that on the basis of the report, further action will be taken as per the instructions.



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