LAC: Congress attacks the government, demands to know the status of India-China border


Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led central government, senior Congress leader Manish Tewari urged the government to immediately publish a white paper regarding the current situation on the Line of Actual Control (LC) with China. Tiwari, a former Union minister, addressed a press conference here to evaluate the performance of the BJP-led NDA government on completion of nine years. He said- The performance of any government is evaluated on five parameters – India’s external security, condition of the economy, social harmony, internal security and India’s relations with the world or its foreign policy. On all these parameters, the BJP-NDA government has been a complete failure in the last nine years.

occupation of Indian territory not vacated

Manish Tiwari said that India is facing the most unprecedented external security challenge today as compared to the last several decades. He said- For three years, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has not vacated the occupation of Indian territory… Adding further, he said that instead of speaking openly to the country about Chinese incursions, unfortunately the NDA government Since September 2020, the issue has not been allowed to be discussed even once in Parliament. He said that all questions asked by Members of Parliament, even members of the ruling party, were not cleared on grounds of national security.

What is the situation on the Line of Actual Control with China?

Congress leader Manish Tiwari said- We (Congress) demand that what is the status of the NDA-BJP government on the Line of Actual Control with China? How many buffer zones have been created? How many of them are in Indian territory? And how much territory have we lost? Publish a white paper on this immediately. He made the remark referring to reports that India has lost access to 26 of the 65 Patrol Points (PPs) along the Line of Control, which is equivalent to an area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometres. Tiwari questioned Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar about India’s foreign policy, why there was no progress in the last 9 years in the direction of India getting a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council?

Why is the central government afraid of holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir?

Manish Tiwari asked- Apart from this, why did India not get the membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group? Since 2015, why has there been no SAARC summit? What is the government doing to counter China’s growing influence in India’s neighbourhood? And, does India have a counter-strategy to the growing Russian-Chinese convergence? Referring to internal security, the former Union minister pointed to the situation in Manipur. He said that after so many days the Union Home Minister (Amit Shah) has considered it appropriate to visit the state. He also questioned the central government that why is it afraid of holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir?


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