Special Diwan decorated in Ranchi on the occasion of martyrdom of Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj, ceremony ends with blood donation


Ranchi: A special Diwan was decorated at Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha Krishna Nagar Colony from 10.30 am on Sunday to mark the martyrdom day of Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj. With this the two-day conference came to an end. 35 people voluntarily donated blood in the blood donation camp organized on the spot.

On the second day of the two-day event on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Pancham Patshah Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj, the diwan started at 10.30 am by Sheetal Munjal of Stree Satsang Sabha, “Jo Mange Thakur Apne Te Soi Soi Devai………and “You are the bestower of charity, don’t complete it, we live as beggars…….” Shabad happened by singing. The local ragi group Bhai Mahipal Singh ji and his friends sang “Sada Namaskar to Nanak Tis Jan………” and “Satguru’s service is successful………….” By singing Shabad, Sadh Sangat was connected with Gurbani. Chief Granthi Giani Jivender Singh ji recited the story and made Sadh Sangat aware of the history of Guru and while extolling the glory of Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj, describing him as the crown of martyrs and a pillar of peace, said that the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev Ji cannot be compared to anything. Can’t be done with others. That is why he has been called the king of martyrs.

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According to the tradition of Guru Ghar, Satsang Sabha head Dwarka Das Munjal and secretary Arjun Dev Midha honored Bhai Jagjit Singh ji Babiha by presenting him with a Saropa of Guru Ghar. Arjun Dev Midha, Secretary of the Satsang Sabha, congratulated all the devotees including Stree Satsang Sabha, sevadars for making this event a success and asked them to remain connected with the service of Gurughar. Gurughar’s servant Pawanjit Singh Khatri live broadcasted the program of both the lovers on YouTube channel Mere Saheb. After the end of the Diwan, Guru’s unbreakable langar was served by the Satsang Sabha. Under the leadership of Basant Kathpal of Satsang Sabha, sweet water and sherbet was also planted by the gathering. Satsang Sabha’s media in-charge Naresh Papneja told that on the occasion CBSE and ICSC toppers of class X and XII of the society Aanchal Arora, Naman Papneja, Ishita Bedi and Akanksha Ghai were honored with shields by Gurunanak Sevak Jatha. Gurughar servant Manish Midha informed Sadh Sangat about fifteen to twenty children of the age group of ten to fourteen years joining the Gurunanak Sevak Jatha.

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On this occasion, a blood donation camp was organized by Guru Nanak Blood Donors Group in the basement of Gurudwara Sahib. A total of 35 people, including eight women and twenty-seven men, donated blood voluntarily in this camp. This camp was organized in collaboration with Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan Blood Bank. Dr. S.K.Jha, Mohsin, Raja, Gautam, Rais, Shankar and Gurunanak Sevak Jatha’s Suraj Jhandai, Sagar Girdhar, Jayant Munjal, Raunak Grover, Kashish Nagpal, Vishesh Kathpal, Karan Arora, Piyush Thareja, Harshit Bajaj, Chanchal Grover , Rishabh Sharma, Vineet Khatri, Piyush Midha, Inish Kathpal, Aman Sachdeva, Geetanshu Gandhi, Geetanshu Tehri, Aman Dabra, Chhotu Singh and others had special participation.


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