Pretending as ‘Amazon’, scammers lure innocent people


Organized scam racket operating from Pakistan and Romania are circulating fake recruitment advertisements on social media platforms, including Facebook pretending as ‘Amazon’. In a sponsored post, this organization says: “Recruitment 2023, Home Office, Age-23-55 years old, Daily settlement: 8,000-20,000 BDT”, and has also provided a ‘Sign Up Form’ along with this advertisement. Hundreds of people from Bangladesh and other countries have already been scammed by this racket. This fake Amazon recruitment announcement is published and circulated on Facebook by ‘Recruitment Supervisor’, which claims to be “Internet lawyer”.

This is not the first time when scam rackets have used the name of ‘Amazon’ in cheating locals. Back in 2021, a another scam racket was claiming to be preparing to launch an “international OTT platform” named ‘Amazon Prime Bangladesh’ under the leadership of a master scammer, cybercriminal, fraud and imposter named Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan.

In his Facebook ID, Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan announce that from December 15, 2021, he is going to launch an international OTT platform named Amazon Prime Bangladesh and it apps of this platform would be available on Google Playstore.

On September 27, 2021, an individual named Sagar Hasan, uploaded a promotional on his Facebook stating a content titled ‘Kidnap’ is being made for Amazon Prime Bangladesh OTT platform.

According to information, Sagar Hasan claims to be an actor of Jazz Multimedia, a controversial film production company. Abdul Aziz, owner of this company is on run after swindling few billion takas from Janata Bank.

Sagar Hasan, a key accomplice of Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan claims himself as a script writer, graphic designer, and assistant director at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC). He also claims to be working as the Chief Assistant Director and Actor at Genxt – Generation Next Multimedia International, an unregistered company headed by Aryan and run by other members of his crime racket. This company, which is illegally running ‘Amazon Prime Video Bangla’ is still continuing its illegal activities and according to a March 8, 2023 media report, it is producing a series of OTT contents including a content on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, which is reportedly written by Raino Arian Khan.

According to information, Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan has already formed a racket with several locals, including some models, actresses and high-profile controversial individuals. He also has some individuals who are using the name of ruling Awami League as well as various influential individuals, leaders and ministers in extracting undue financial advantage from wealthy people. Aryan’s racket also has been secretly making blue film and smuggling those to various porn sites in the world.

According to an exclusive report published in Blitz on November 1, 2021, Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan was tracked by the investigative reporter of the newspaper of falsely proclaiming as being the Information System Analyst (IT Analyst) at the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), the apex intelligence agency of the country. This scammer also has been falsely proclaiming as being the ‘Founder & Creative Director of Amazon Prime Bangladesh’, while there is no existence of any office of Amazon Prime, an internationally reputed OTT platform in the country.

Raino Arian Khan alias Mir Asaduzzaman Aryan in his Facebook profile also proclaimed to be a film director, writer, editor, graphics designer at Indian film industry; a former student at NFDC India (National Film Development Corporation, India); former System Engineer at SATV (a satellite TV channel in Bangladesh); Former IT assistant at Desh TV (a satellite TV channel in Bangladesh); student of Rifles Public School & College (RPSC); and a student of the College of Development Alternative (CODA).

Media reports said, Raino Aryan Khan has also been luring locals with job offers at Amazon Prime offices in India and Bangladesh. Large number of female models and actresses in particular have already complained against Raino Aryan of giving them “indecent proposal” of sexual company, while he also has been at a later stage blackmailing these females as compelling them in working in porn films. Raino also has been using these local females as sex workers or escorts and supplying these girls to various influential and or wealthy individuals.


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