People of Patna will be able to see the world of stars in 3D, from this day the show is going to start in the planetarium


The people of Patna will soon get an opportunity to see and understand the world of stars on a 3D screen in the new auditorium of the Planetarium. American 3D screen and German 3D projector have been installed in the planetarium. According to the information received, the show will be conducted for the audience in the third week of June. Through six digital 3D projectors in the planetarium, world class films made on the solar system will be shown to the audience. Presently 10 new films have been selected. All these films will be shown to the audience at an interval of a few months.

Modernization is being done with Rs 34 crore

At present, the work of floor fabrication and seating arrangement has been started in the planetarium. The work of modernization of the planetarium is being done at a cost of about Rs 34 crore. The laser projector in the planetarium will mix the RGB rays through a computer to produce the actual colors for the 3D show. Along with this, a 3D sound system has also been developed for the audience, which will make the audience feel like reaching the Milky Way through the background sound.

Viewers will be able to buy show tickets even sitting at home

Viewers will be able to book tickets sitting at home for the 2D and 3D shows running in the planetarium. The facility of e-tickets will be provided to the people by the planetarium management. Apart from e-tickets, the facility of manual tickets will also be given to the visitors. The ticket rate has also been fixed in the recent meeting held by the department. The ticket price for toody show for children up to 14 years will be Rs 50 and for 3D it will be Rs 60. On the other hand, for people above 14 years of age, the ticket for Toddy show will be Rs.80 and for 3D show, Rs.100 will be charged. Apart from this, a ticket fee of Rs 10 and Rs 20 will be kept from the group of school children.

World’s largest Shivling will be installed in Virat Ramayana temple, construction will start from June 20, know the specialty

The information of the solar system will be given through 26 exhibits in the space gallery

Space and Astronomy gallery will be prepared in 600 square feet on the first floor for the visitors coming to visit Taradamal. In this gallery interesting information related to the solar system will be shared with the visitors through 26 exhibits. In this exhibition, such a surface will be prepared on which people will feel like walking on the moon and Mars when they walk with a VR pod. The Space and Astronomy Gallery will be built at a cost of Rs 2 crore. The design of this gallery has been done by the team of National Council of Science Museums. By the end of December, the new Astronomy and Space Gallery will be prepared.


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