UP Weather: Heavy rain with thunderstorm in UP on the third day of Rohini Nakshatra, Malihabad’s mango crop destroyed


Lucknow, Rohini Nakshatra has started from 25th May. On the third day of Rohini Nakshatra, there was heavy rain with thunderstorm in UP. Due to which the mango crop of Malihabad has been completely ruined. The rain and storm have made the faces of the owners of mango orchards disappointed. According to the mango grower, about 10 percent of the mangoes have been wasted in the storm and rain. The mango that fell in the storm will now only be useful for making pickles etc. Owners of mango orchards say that earlier due to unseasonal rains and hailstorm, 60 to 70 percent mangoes had fallen in the beginning itself. Out of the remaining mangoes, 10 percent have fallen today. The farmers of Malihabad are completely worried.

The farmers of Malihabad are completely worried

In this regard, gardeners of Malihabad area Ramlakhan Prajapati, Hemnath Gautam, Siddharth Gautam, Mishri Lal Yadav It is said that a lot of damage has been done. In the past also the crop has been ruined due to rain and storm. This time more damage has been done. Earlier the flower was spoiled due to hailstorm. After this, now a large part of the crop, which was ready after ten days from the storm, has fallen. Now it seems that it is difficult to get the money for washing the garden, spraying medicines and irrigation. Now this mango will have to be sold only for sourness, now there is no other way. But so many mangoes have fallen that it seems that no buyer will be found even for sourness.

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heavy rain damage

There are about 1000 varieties of mangoes in Uttar Pradesh. Despite the bad weather, the mango production of the state was fine in 2022-23. According to the data, good yields in some states were not affected even by the hottest March month. Gardeners in Malihabad say that this year the rain and hailstorm in the spring season drove away the bees. Bees are very helpful in pollination. Due to this the production of mango has decreased. In such a situation, it will be difficult to meet the expenses due to less crop this year.


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