Secure Internet: Government will ensure consumers’ right to secure internet, Union Minister said this


Safe & Secure Internet: The Government of India will never compromise on the rights of consumers to secure internet and will not allow them to be undermined. The government will ensure that the platforms used by consumers in the digital sector are accountable for their rights. Minister of State for IT and Electronics Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said this bluntly.

Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said that the government will not allow any kind of injury to their right to secure internet while making platforms active in the digital world accountable to consumers.

Expensive data expenditure can become a hindrance in the path of Digital India, Union Minister said this

Chandrasekhar is currently engaged in intense deliberations on the proposed Digital India Bill to replace the two-decade-old Information Technology Act. He said that big technology companies have been pretending to be innovative for years and have also abused their monopoly on the market. Because of this, changes in regulatory and legal provisions have become necessary.

Chandrasekhar said, we have a commitment with 1.2 crore people of India who use the Internet that we will make the Internet free for them. We will give them a sense of trust and security on the Internet. We will ensure that technology companies, whether big or small, Indian or foreign, are always accountable to their consumers.

Future of Internet: What will be the future of Internet in India? IT Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar said this

Chandrasekhar said that it is normal to have changes in the field of technology. Keeping this in mind, the government is busy making laws and rules that will take this change forward. He said that big technology companies around the world avoided government regulation for years because they pretended to be innovative. He said, these companies have also been misusing their market power and supremacy. (with language input)


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