Dhanbad: ‘I am alive sir… how many times should I say’, old man wandering from door to door for pension


Kasmar (Dhanbad), Deepak question: 70-year-old Khedan Ghansi, declared dead in government records, was first denied pension, now he has the challenge of proving himself alive. Tired of going from office to office, Khedan, a veteran of Bagda village of Kasmar block, says that now how many times and where should I say that sir, I am alive. While going round the government offices, it has to be repeated every time. The biggest problem is that due to being declared dead, his old age pension has been stopped. Due to this their financial condition has also deteriorated.

BDO’s initiative is also not working

After getting aware of the matter, Kasmar BDO Vijay Kumar investigated. The BDO wrote a letter on 20 April 2023 to the Assistant Director of Social Security, Bokaro, after discovering that Khedan Ghansi was declared dead in the government records. It was told in it that by mistake the living pensioner was declared dead in the physical verification by the Panchayat Secretary of Bagda. As a result, his pension has stopped. The BDO has written in the letter that in the present physical verification, Khedan Ghansi has been found alive. On this basis, he requested for payment of pension to him from September 2022, but even after more than one month of BDO’s letter, his pension has not been started.

The struggle to prove alive in government records

Khedan Ghansi (father-Chhutu Sav) was getting old age pension regularly for many years. Due to this, the car of his life was running. Suddenly from September 2022 the pension has stopped. Khedan is a Godite of the village. Pension was a big support for his life. He got upset due to the sudden stoppage of pension. To know the reason, started running around the concerned offices and personnel. After a lot of questioning and running around, he got upset when he came to know that he has been declared dead in the official records. Now he is running to prove himself alive.

Due to the negligence of the personnel of the block, many old age pensioners like Khedan Ghansi in Bagda Panchayat are facing difficulties. This matter of stopping the pension of a helpless old man like Khedan Ghansi by declaring him dead is serious. Action should be taken against the guilty personnel. If the pension of Khedan Ghansi is not started soon, then the matter will be taken to DC.

-Mau Bhattacharya, Pansas, Bagda

Dhanbad’s SNMMCH will have a two-storey emergency building, so many lakhs of rupees were received


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