Why the incidents of suicide of students are increasing again in Rajasthan’s Kota, know what psychiatrists say


Rajasthan Kota, the city of education famous for providing coaching especially to the students preparing for competitive examinations, has once again seen a spurt in the incidents of student suicides. According to media reports, in the month of May alone, four students who were being coached to top the competitive exams in Kota committed suicide. One of the four students who committed suicide this month by taking the fatal step, a resident of Bihar’s Nalanda district, committed suicide on Wednesday night. It has been said in the report that the suicide note of the students who have committed suicide shows that the pressure of studies from the family is more. Come, let’s know what psychiatrists say…?

Aryan of Nalanda was preparing for NEET in Kota

According to media reports, the student of Bihar’s Nalanda district who committed suicide on the night of last Wednesday i.e. 24 May in Rajasthan’s Kota has been identified as Aryan. He lived in Riyaz Residency of Kota. He was preparing for NEET by staying in Kota to get admission in medical. Before living in Riyaz Residency, he lived in Jawahar Nagar. At present, the police is investigating the matter. The family members of the student were informed about this, but till now the police could not find out the reasons.

So far nine students lost their lives in five months

There is also a news in the media that in the last five months this year, about nine students preparing for competitive exams have committed suicide while staying in Kota. Students from different states across the country prepare for other competitive exams including NEET, JEE and UPSC in Kota, famous from the education city of Rajasthan. The incidents of suicide by students in Kota are not new. Even before this, incidents of fatal step taken by hundreds of students have come to the fore.

what do psychiatrists say

Psychiatrist Dr. Prakash Jha says that children have more sense of competition and family pressure. From childhood, pressure is made on children to become doctors, engineers, IAS. Children live away from their families, due to which they do not get family and social support. There are less seats in medical and engineering, due to which the competition is more. Parents of children do not understand that competitive exams like NEET, JEE and UPSC are not 10th-12th exams. It is a competition which cannot be compared with the exam. Children become stressed and depressed due to family pressure, social pressure, and fear, due to which they take fatal steps.

Another student of Bihar committed suicide in Kota, was preparing for NEET, love letter found in the room

What is the remedy?

Dr. Prakash Jha says that people want to make their children doctors, engineers and IAS officers, those parents should understand that children are important for them. If children live in the world, then they can perform better in any field. Parents should not create unnecessary pressure on the children, nor should they set a target for the children that they have to qualify in such and such competition. Parents should take care of the interest of the children and do not put any kind of pressure on them. They should have a friendly conversation with their children and establish a friendly relationship. If children are important to the parents, then such incidents can be stopped.


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