Vadodara: A two-year-old child was trapped for half an hour after the door was locked, the fire brigade broke the lock with modern guns.


A two-year-old boy was trapped for half an hour while playing a game in a flat in Shreenath Classic Natasha Park in Nizampura area of ​​Vadodara city. On getting information about this incident, the fire engine reached the spot. And broke the door with modern technology and took the child out.

Sreenath lives in D.402 of Classic Flats in Nizampura area and Ajes Appukuttan, working in Bank of Baroda Alkapuri, who has recently shifted from Kerala has come to live in this flat. When his wife left the flat for work on Friday morning, their two-year-old child was inside. When he reached the door while playing, he accidentally closed the door. Due to which the child was locked in the flat due to being locked. Hearing the cry of the child from the flat, the neighbor living next door contacted his father on the phone and also tried to open the door. But the door did not open, when the child’s mother also reached home immediately, she also tried to open the door with the key. But when the door did not open, his father also came home and tried to open the door with the key he had, but it did not work. After more than half an hour, they finally contacted the fire brigade.

As soon as the fire department received the complaint, they immediately reached the spot and tried to open the door and the fire brigade team was able to take out the child trapped in the flat. There was no need to break the gate and the jawans opened the gate using modern guns.


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