There is a verse on Jharkhand in Indian tradition, President Draupadi Murmu read and explained the meaning


Shloka On Jharkhand: There are many verses, chaupals, couplets like this in Indian culture. Many such things have also been written, which are also accepted by science. But hardly you would have heard about the verses of Jharkhand. Yes, there is a verse on Jharkhand in Indian tradition, which was read by President Draupadi Murmu when she was visiting Jharkhand in connection with several programs.

Which verse did the President recite

President Draupadi Murmu, who came on Jharkhand tour, attended a program in Khunti. Where he said that the existence of the present Jharkhand state may not be very old, but since ancient times, this region has had a distinct identity. Meanwhile, he said that there is a verse in the Indian tradition

आयस्कपत्रे पय: पानम्, शाल्पत्रे च भोजनम्

Shayanam Khajuri Patre, Jharkhande Vidhiyate.

what is the meaning of this verse

While reciting this verse, His Highness also explained the meaning of the verse. He said that this verse means that people living in Jharkhand region, drink water in iron vessels, eat food on sal leaves and sleep on palm leaves.

These things are known from the verse

It is also clear from this verse that since ancient times iron was available in abundance in Jharkhand region and it was widely used. Along with this, an introduction to life style according to nature and based on nature is also given in this verse.

Jharkhand is known for nature

Please tell that Jharkhand is known for nature. It is clear from the name of the state that the people here are connected to water, forest and land. About 30 percent of Jharkhand is covered with forests, which is a priceless asset of the state.

It felt as if I had come back home, President Draupadi Murmu explained Shloka on Jharkhand


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