Special coin of 75 rupees will be released, know the special features of this coin made of four metals


Till now you will have two, five, ten and twenty coins, but soon you will get to see a new coin. Yes… On the occasion of the inauguration of the new Parliament House, the central government will issue a special coin of 75 rupees. This information has been given by the Ministry of Finance. A notification has been issued in this regard, in which it has been said that a special coin of Rs 75 will be issued on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Parliament House.

special features of coins

The special thing about the coin of 75 rupees is that on one side it has the lion of Ashoka Pillar, below which ‘Satyamev Jayate’ will be written, while on the left side of the coin ‘Bharat’ is written in Devanagari and on the right side ‘English’ is written in Roman. You will also see the symbol of rupee on it in the coin. The picture of the new Parliament House will be seen on the other side of the coin. Above this you will see ‘Parliament Complex’ written in Devanagari and ‘Parliament Complex’ written below in Roman. 2023 will also be written in international numerals at the bottom. The weight of this coin is 35 grams which is made of four metals.

This coin will be issued as a commemorative

According to what has been said in the notification, the diameter of this round shaped coin is 44 mm and it has been made by mixing four metals – silver, copper, nickel and zinc. The amount of silver in the coin is 50 percent, copper 40 percent, nickel five percent and zinc five percent. According to the ministry, it will be issued by the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA). This coin will be issued as a commemorative which will be sold at the rate of Rs 3800 per coin.

SC rejected the petition filed regarding the inauguration of the Parliament House, said- the court knows why the petition has been filed

It is noteworthy that the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament House will begin on Sunday morning with Havan and prayers of different religions. After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally inaugurate the Lok Sabha chamber. Some parties including the Congress are boycotting the ceremony and they are demanding that it should be inaugurated by the President.


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