Accident of the police car that went to raid in Aligarh, the relative of the accused died, constable injured


Aligarh : The police car which went to catch the accused of rape met with an accident. In which the relative of the rapist died. The constable was seriously injured in the accident. Who has been admitted to JN Medical College. The incident took place in Nadrai area of ​​Kasganj district.

Aligarh’s SP Rural Palash Bansal has reached the spot to investigate the incident. Actually, the police vehicle returning after raiding met with an accident. In which the relative of the accused of rape had gone to Dabish with the police. The relative of the accused of the accident died in the incident.

At the same time, constable Ankit Kumar is seriously injured in the incident. The deceased Makhan Singh is the watchman of the village. The incident of rape took place in the police station Harduaganj area. Constable Ankit Kumar posted at Jalali Chowki of Harduaganj is seriously injured in the incident.

Relatives accused the police

On May 24, the Harduaganj police named Roopa of Jalali on the charge of raping the woman. The accused Roopa is absconding since the incident. On Thursday night, the police had reached village Hussainpur Dehmafi in Gangiri. From where Rupa’s relative picked up village watchman Makhan Singh, then picked up another young man from Usepur village. Constable Ankit was bringing Makkhan Singh to Harduaganj by sitting on his bike.

Along with them, the police car was also running along. The bike fell into a pit near the Nadrai bridge. Makhan Singh died in the accident and constable Ankit was seriously injured. While accusing the police, the family members say that the police had taken Makkhan Singh in a car. The bike was not there at all. On the other hand, Constable Ankit is admitted in Medical, whose condition is said to be worrisome.

SP Rural Palash is investigating the accident

SSP Kalanidhi Naithani told that watchman Makhan Singh and constable Ankit Kumar met with an accident. In which Chowkidar Makhan Singh died. Constable Ankit Kumar is admitted in Jain Medical College. The SSP said that on May 24, an incident of rape was registered in Harduaganj area.

In which the location of accused Roopa was found in Etah. To catch whom the police of Harduaganj police station had gone. The police team had taken Roopa’s relative Makkhan Lal with them for the clue rope. The accident has been reported while returning. SP Rural Palash Bansal is investigating the incident. The police have expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased.



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