Professor’s dirty act in UP’s Jaunpur, obscene demand in the name of pass, girl student made video


A professor in UP has done the work of tarnishing the temple of education. Case Jaunpur Located in TD College affiliated to Purvanchal University, where the professor pressurized the girl student to have a physical relationship by asking her to pass B.Ed and TET. During this, the girl student made her video. After this video went viral on social media, the college management has issued a notice to the accused professor.

It is being told that the head of a department of TD College of Jaunpur used to call girl students to his cabin and talk obscenely. The professor had wrong eyes on a girl student for a long time. He called this student to his cabin. Sensing the intention of the professor, the girl student made a video of the conversation.

In the viral video, the professor is talking to the student about having a physical relationship with him. He also proposed to make the girl student B.Ed and TET. When the girl student does not agree, the professor explains that there will be no problem in having a physical relationship. Now many medicines come, nothing will be a problem.

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On the refusal of the student, the head of the department says that what will happen at once. During this, the professor also asks objectionable questions to the student. It is not yet known when this video was made. But, after it has now gone viral, the TD college management is also in a fix. The accused professor is being described as the head of the department in TD PG College.

The video of a professor of the prestigious TD College affiliated to Purvanchal University, Jaunpur is going viral. In this, the professor talks objectionable to the girl student and then puts pressure on her to have a physical relationship. #jaunpurtdcollege #jaunpur

— sanjay singh (@sanjay_media) May 25, 2023

After the matter came in the headlines, Professor Alok Singh, Principal of TD College told that he is aware of the video. This video has also reached him. So far no one has complained in this matter. However, after the video surfaced, the manager has called for an explanation from the professor concerned through email and WhatsApp. At present online classes are going on and professors are not coming. Because of this, clarification has been sought from him through mail and WhatsApp.

In the notice issued by the college management, the head of the department has been asked that this video of yours has come to the fore through social media. Give your written explanation in this regard. So far no reply has been given by the professor. And the college management has also considered the video objectionable. On the other hand, taking cognizance of the matter, the Jaunpur police has directed the Line Bazar police station to investigate the matter and take action.



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