Clarification of Pakistan trapped between America and China, it is not a part of any faction


Islamabad, May 26 (Hindustan). In the political tussle of the world, Pakistan is now caught between America and China. After continuous friendship with China, Pakistan has to clarify that it is not a part of any group.

In the last few years, the friendship between Pakistan and China has been discussed in front of the whole world. In such a situation, the talk of standing with China is also pasted on Pakistan. Many times, coming under the influence of China, Pakistan has also faced the displeasure of America. Now Pakistan has to give clarification on this issue.

Speaking to reporters, Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch denied any speculation that Pakistan has joined any faction. He said that Pakistan has always had a policy of not believing in factional politics. Describing Pakistan and China as all-weather strategic partners, he claimed that it is a relationship that has grown stronger over the past several decades and both the countries are committed to this relationship.

Regarding his relations with America, he said that America is one of the oldest friends and partners of Pakistan. Also America is the biggest export market. It is clearly said that Pakistan’s relations with America are as old as Pakistan’s existence. Pakistan–US relations are multi-faceted, and the two countries work together in a number of areas which act as a bridge between the US and Pakistan relations. Pakistan has no intention of taking sides or joining any group.


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