Bihar’s serial killer used to kill people to buy smack, know how he used to give painful death


Muzaffarpur: Police has disclosed the murder of three people including security guard Suresh Paswan in Sangam Ghat and Kolhua Paigambarpur of Ahiyapur police station area. Shivchandra Paswan alias Bhalwa alias Bhala, the serial killer who carried out all the three murders, has been arrested from his house. He is a resident of Kolhua Paigambarpur of Ahiyapur police station area. The police have recovered three mobiles, two pointed iron rods, a spade from the killer. In buying the mobile sold by the killer Shivchandra Paswan, the police arrested Gosaipur Sanjay Kumar, Deepak Sahni of Ahiyapur, Khushbu Devi of Kolhua Paigambarpur and Mo of Sadatpur of Kanti police station area. Guddu is taken into custody. During interrogation, he has accepted the point of killing by inserting a pointed rod into his head for protesting against the theft of mobile and purse.

Arrested on the basis of evidence found in police investigation

SSP Rakesh Kumar told that three people were murdered in Sangam Ghat of Ahiyapur police station area on April 30 and one more on May 8 in Kolhua Paigambarpur. Security guard Suresh Paswan, Raj Mistry Mustafa Ansari and Khatal worker Shankar Kumar were included in the dead. Whereas, a person Mohd. Dulare was seriously injured. City DSP Raghav Dayal, DIU in-charge Mo. for the disclosure of all these incidents. Sujauddin and Ahiyapur Police Station Inspector Arun Kumar were included. The team was searching for the clue of the killer by collecting scientific and humanitarian information. Meanwhile, injured Mohd. The killer has been caught on the basis of the clue found when Dulare’s mobile was active.

Used to kill for not getting money for smack

Killer Shivchandra Paswan alias Bhalwa alias Bhala is addicted to smack. SSP Rakesh Kumar told that earlier he used to work in a furniture shop. But, due to his addiction to smack, he lost his job. He used to fight with his wife day and night for drug money. She also left about seven years back. The father has already died. He used to fight with his mother day and night, so she also left him. SSP says that Shivchandra Paswan needs one thousand rupees per day for smack. When he did not get money for drugs, he used to commit crimes.

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Has sold all the clothes of the house at the price of a kilo

The vicious Shivchandra alias Bhala, who killed three people, has sold all the clothes and mattresses of his house at the price of a kilo to buy smack. On April 27, he even sold his mobile to buy smack. After this, on the early morning of 30 April, he reached the Sangam Ghat bridge to steal the mobile of security guard Suresh Paswan, who was sleeping in a deserted area. When he woke up, he inserted an iron rod in his throat. Then, he was killed by hitting him on the head with a spade. However, he could not take the mobile. After this, on May 1, laborer Mustafa Ansari was killed by hitting a reed in his head when he protested against stealing a mobile in a house under construction in Kolhua Paigambarpur. Another guard Mohd. There was a prolonged scuffle while stealing Dulare’s mobile. A rebar was inserted in the head from behind. However, his life was saved by taking him to the hospital on time. After this, that khatal worker Shankar Kumar was also murdered for opposing mobile theft.

Used to kill between three and five in the morning

Serial killer Shivchandra Paswan alias Bhalwa alias Bhala had executed all the three murders between three and five in the morning. After this, he used to switch off the looted mobile after the murder by taking it to his home. However, the SSP said that he used to spend the whole night looking for his target. But he used to execute the incident only in between three to five days. The SSP said that the team which disclosed the murder case would be rewarded.

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Police got lead after putting sim in Dulare’s mobile

Killer Shivchandra Mohd. Dulare’s mobile was sold for 2700 to Khushbu Devi. She used to meet him at a tea stall at Kolhua Chowk. Khushbu Devi sold this mobile for 3900 to her relative. Taking profit, this mobile was sold to four people. When the SIM was installed in Dulare’s mobile, the police came into action. All four were caught one by one. Whereas, the very next morning after Mustafa’s mobile was murdered. Sold it to Guddu for Rs.800. But, the battery of the mobile was bad. When he got the battery replaced and fitted the SIM, he was also caught. On the basis of interrogation of all these, the police reached the killer. The SSP told that the women caught in this were Khushbu Devi, Deepak Sahni, Sanjay Kumar and Mohd. The police will record Guddu’s statement under section 164 in the court. He will be made a witness.

Has gone to jail even eight years ago

Shivchandra alias Bhala, who killed three people, had gone to jail from Ahiyapur police station eight years ago. He was in jail for five months. He told the police that he had gone to jail in a case of assault. Ahiyapur police is investigating his criminal record.

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