Who is the person who cut live in partner’s body into six pieces? Seven lakh loan and knife attack, know the matter


Such a painful news is coming from Hyderabad, which is being discussed all over the country. Here a woman’s body was cut into six pieces and the head of the dead body was thrown into the Musi river. Regarding the matter, the DCP (South East Zone, Hyderabad) told that the accused and the deceased knew each other for the last 10 years. We suspect that the man and the woman were in a relationship. There was an argument between the two on May 12, during which he stabbed the woman with a knife, due to which she died. To destroy the evidence, the accused cut the woman’s body into six pieces and threw the head of the dead body into the Musi river on May 16.

Anuradha’s severed head recovered on May 17

Let us tell you that after this incident like Shraddha Walkar murder case in Delhi, the police is in a quandary. On Wednesday, the police arrested the live-in partner of a woman on the charge of murder. The accused has been identified as B Chandramohan (48) who was interrogated by the police. According to the information provided by the police, Chandramohan stabbed Anuradha Reddy (55) to death and then cut the body into pieces. According to the police, Anuradha’s severed head was recovered on 17 May.

The accused & the deceased knew each other for the past 10 years. We are suspecting that the man and the woman were in a relationship. On 12th May, there was a scuffle between the two, during which he stabbed the woman. To remove the evidence, he chopped the woman’s body into 6… pic.twitter.com/30STede9lE

— ANI (@ANI) May 25, 2023

Chandramohan was in a relationship with a woman

According to what has come out from the police investigation, Anuradha used to live in the ground floor of Chandramohan’s house. Chandramohan was in a relationship with her. It is being told that the accused had borrowed a hefty amount of about seven lakh rupees from Anuradha since 2018 and she was insisting to ask for her money. Angered by this, Chandramohan stabbed him to death on May 12 and cut the dead body into pieces to hide the crime. The police officer said that as per the plan, the accused stabbed the woman on her chest and stomach, as a result of which she died on the spot.

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beheaded and put in a black polythene

Police said that the accused prepared a plan to dispose of the dead body. He bought two stone cutting machines and cut the head from the torso and put it in a black polythene. He kept the legs and hands in the fridge while the torso in a suitcase. On May 15, the accused did the work of placing the head. He used many types of aromatic substances to remove the foul smell from the pieces of dead body kept in the house. The accused also sent messages from the mobile phone of the deceased to his acquaintances so that they would believe that he was alive.


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