Urfi Javed’s Jabra fan found in Bihar, only the newspaper came out on the wrap road, people said..


Urfi Javed Latest News: Social media sensation Urfi Javed always remains in controversy due to her strange dress. At the same time, he also has many fans. Those who make blogs or reels by wearing a dress like them. One such person was seen in Bhagalpur. The one who made a dress by cutting news paper into a design and wearing that dress was seen making reels on the streets. Whoever saw him just kept on watching and got lost in thought. Everyone started talking about him that from where did this paper man come in Silk City.

‘Hospital of modeling since childhood’

When people talked to this boy, he called himself a fan of Urfi Javed. Also said that he likes Urfi Javed, also follows him. This is Brijesh Kumar, son of late Sanjay Kumar, resident of Bhagalpur Ghantaghar. Brijesh said that since childhood he was fond of going into the modeling world. She has also done small modeling roles in school colleges before. He has studied up to B.Ed. However, due to not wanting a job, for the past years, he has been spreading his modeling landscape to the people in the world of social media.

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young man himself designed clothes

It was informed that he liked the costume design of actress Oorfi Javed in TV channels. For this reason, like the actress, he designs different types of costumes by himself and wears them. Along with this, by making reels and blogs at different places, he shows the presentation of his art on social media. Brijesh said that there are many things in the minds of people regarding modeling in small towns. For this reason, despite having talent, the people here shy away from making it public. That’s why people from small towns are left far behind in modeling.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxuCbvbG2Aw) t)bollywood actress


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