Surat: Seminar organized with mango exhibition and competition in Panas


Espi Shakilam Biotechnology College at Panas near Citylight Joggers Park, Surat, organized a one day general exhibition and symposium, a joint initiative of Deputy Director, Surat Krishi Vigyan Kendra. In which more than 43 varieties of mangoes were displayed, along with 9 foreign varieties of mangoes became the center of attraction.

In the mango exhibition, 83 farmers of the district displayed samples of more than 98 different varieties of mangoes, in which the first, second and third selected farmers were honored with certificates for ripening the best variety of mangoes.

On this occasion, Deputy Director Horticulture D.K. Padaliya said that Gujarat has the first place in the world in the production of mango, the king of fruits. Speciality: Kesar, Hafus and Rajapuri mangoes of the state are world famous for their taste and aroma. Developed and bred by Navsari Agricultural University in 2001, ‘Sonpari’ mangoes are in great demand in foreign countries. A new variety ‘Sonpari mango’ has been developed by crossing Hafus and Banesan mangoes. Along with this, it is mandatory for the farmers to take care during the cultivation and cultivation of mango orchards and to plan for the use of organic fertilizers in the new season.

On this occasion, Assistant Professor of Navsari University Dr. B.M. Tandel informed the farmers about the problem of climate change, mango plant in mango production, from flowering in mango crop to vigilance and proper maintenance in mango crop. Necessary guidelines were given to the farmers regarding the benefits of bagging in mango production.

On this occasion, Scientist RK Patel of Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Surat provided special technical information to the farmers for identification, diagnosis and control of various diseases in mango crop.

In particular, nine exotic varieties of mangoes such as Cassington, Lily, Tommy Atkins, Israel Hybrid, Kate, Palmer, Kingfon, Maya and Austin mangoes became the center of attraction in the exhibition. On this occasion, Navsari Agricultural University Dr.N.M.Chauhan, Director of Extension Education, Dr.B.K.Davda, Research Scientist, Chief Sorghum Research Station-Surat, ASBI E.Principal, Navsari Agricultural University Dr.R.L. Leuva, Deputy Director of Atma Project N.G. Gumeet, head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Surat and senior scientist Dr. J.H. Rathore, eighty-four RFO JG Gamit, along with a large number of farmers, city dwellers, students were present.


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