Qatar Money offers business opportunities to emerging companies


The Qatar Financial Center invited 12 of the best startups in Southeast Asia to attend an exclusive roundtable event to expand business opportunities in technology innovation between Southeast and Southwest Asia.
The roundtable was organized in cooperation with “Golden Gate Ventures”, a venture capital company in Southeast Asia, prior to the launch of the Qatar Economic Forum. education technology, climate technology. In light of the forum’s work that will focus on the attractiveness of the Arabian Gulf region and Qatar as an economic power in the new world order, the round table brought together a group of the most promising founders from Southeast Asia to discuss emerging growth opportunities in Southeast and Southwest Asia.
Commenting on the importance of this joint initiative, Mr. Yousef Mohamed Al-Jaida, CEO of the Qatar Financial Center said, “We seek to provide investors and companies in our region not only with a deep insight into the current opportunities in Southeast Asia, but also we seek to help them look to the future to enable them to make strategic decisions.” With regard to investment and business expansion.
He added that this round table organized by the Qatar Financial Center in cooperation with “Golden Gate Ventures” gives investors and companies this competitive advantage. Al-Jaida continued, saying: “The views that were exchanged during this event will contribute greatly to creating a strong environment for startups, which enables innovation and helps our companies to compete on the global stage.”
For his part, Mr. Vinnie Lauria, Co-Founder of Golden Gate Ventures, said: “It is a great honor for us to collaborate with the Qatar Financial Center to enhance opportunities between Southeast and Southwest Asia. As the Arab Gulf countries are looking for investment opportunities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, while the latter is also looking for opportunities to expand its business to the Arab Gulf region, and therefore emerging companies in both regions can learn a lot from each other.


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