Moksha Kalyanak Festival celebrated on Parasnath mountain, auspicious entry of 67 Jain laborers including three Jainacharyas


Located in Madhuban, Giridih district of Jharkhand Samed Shikhar Buzzing once again. The entry of Jain saints has started in the Jain pilgrimage city of Madhuban. On Wednesday, the auspicious entry of 67 Jain Shramana-Shramanis including three Jainacharyas took place. With music and cheers, all the Jainacharyas reached the Taleti Tirtha located in Madhuban. The Chaturmas of all the three Jainacharyas will be held in Taleti Tirtha, Madhuban. Then the Diksha Mahotsav will also take place in Madhuban.

Grand reception for Jainacharyas and Shraman-Shramanis in Madhuban

Three in Madhuban on Wednesday morning at six Jain monk Jainacharya Vijayramchandra Surishwarji, Jainacharya Vijaymukti Paramsurishwarji Maharaj, Jainacharya Vijay Akshay Bhadrasurishwarji Maharaj and Jainacharya Shri Vijaypunya Paramsurishwarji Maharaj etc. 67 Jain Shraman-Shramani Sammed Shikhar reached Taleti Tirth located in Madhuban. During this, he was given a grand welcome in Madhuban.

The welcome journey started at 6 am, Madhuban echoed with cheers

For the auspicious arrival of Jainacharyas, the welcome journey started at 6 am from Shri Shantinath Jain Temple of Bhomiyaji Bhavan Jain Dharamshala. The whole of Madhuban echoed with cheers. Jain initiation of two Mumukshu sisters will take place on Sud Navami in the auspicious presence of Jainacharyas. Be aware that Jainacharya will perform Chaturmas at Taleti Tirtha Dharamshala with a huge community. More than one thousand Jain Shravakas and Shravikas will come along with Jainacharyas to worship the rainy season.

Mahaparana on Parasnath mountain, breaking the vow of silence after 557 days, Acharya Shree 108 Prasanna Sagar said Namah Shree Om

Moksha Kalyanak Festival celebrated on Parasnath mountain

The Moksha Kalyanak Mahotsav of Lord Dharmanath Swami, the 15th Tirthankara of Jainism, was celebrated by the Jain Shwetambar Society on Wednesday at Parasnath mountain. On the occasion, dozens of devotees worshiped with devotion and offered Nirvana laddus.

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