Bihar: Rajnath Sharma absconded or police made the dead body disappear after killing him in custody? CBI trying to find out


Cbi Investigation In Bihar: The CBI team once again reached Kateya to investigate the famous Rajnath Sharma episode of Gopalganj. Suddenly the police officers were also surprised to see the CBI team in front of them. Actually, CBI is finding out whether Rajnath Sharma is dead or alive. Allegations have also been leveled against the police that Rajnath Sharma was murdered in custody and the body disappeared. At the same time, the police is searching for him in half a dozen districts, calling him absconding.

Questioning with the police in Kateya

The CBI team reached Kateya under the leadership of Inspector Mukesh Pandey and after discussing for hours with Police Station President Mithilesh Pandey, Jango Ram, IO of the case, also questioned the common people. According to sources, the CBI investigation has progressed a lot. To find out the truth behind the incident, the CBI has intensified its investigation. If the allegation of negligence on the police turns out to be true, then the difficulties of many policemen may increase.

Rajnath Sharma an enigma for the CBI?

On the other hand, the team went to Baili village of Anand Sharma and interrogated some people at the spot. During the investigation, the entry of common people in the police station was banned. This investigation has been handed over to the CBI by the bench of Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh and Justice Rajesh Kumar Verma of Patna High Court. Now the challenge before the CBI is that if Rajnath Sharma is alive then where, if dead then how? After checking this, tell the court. As soon as the CBI team left the police station, Hathua SDPO Anurag Kumar reached the police station and kept on investigating for hours.

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Police has searched for Rajnath Sharma in six states

After the matter came before the Patna High Court, the court had ordered the Bihar Police to clarify the Zinda Hai Murda situation within three weeks. After that, the then SP Anand Kumar formed the SIT under the leadership of Hathua’s SDPO Naresh Kumar. SIT searched for Rajnath Sharma in six states (Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Haryana, Punjab, UP). The police did not get any clue. Police could not prove whether Rajnath is alive or dead. On February 11, the High Court raised questions on the police investigation and directed to hand over the case to the CBI.

Anand Sharma was murdered after being called from home

Rajnath Sharma of Ladhi Noniyatoli village of Goreyakothi police station of Siwan district, Sandeep Yadav of Jalpurwa, Manvendra Kumar Mahato of Sarari Noniyatoli took Anand Sharma from the house in a wedding on the night of June 6, 2021 in Beili village of Kateya police station. On the second day, on the morning of June 7, Anand Sharma’s body was recovered. He was killed by slitting his neck.

Naming all three on the Tahrir of Rambha Devi, the wife of the deceased, the police registered the case number 189/21 of Kateya police station. Kateya police raided and arrested the three accused. Two days later, the police registered an FIR on the Tahrir of Chowkidar Parshuram Paswan at Kateya police station for one of the accused Rajnath Sharma dodging and running away from the police station while going to the toilet.

Relatives accused of killing in custody

Rajnath Sharma’s mother Chandravati Devi filed a case in the CJM’s court accusing the Kateya police of killing her son in custody and making the body disappear. After the arrest, the police did not even allow the family members to meet. Why would an accused stay at his home after committing a murder? He will run away. The police arrested him from home. On the other hand, in the Anand Sharma murder case, Rambha Devi’s brother Dhanraj Kumar, who was the informer of the case, filed a writ in the High Court and accused the Kateya police of driving away the accused.

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