Bihar News: Gas cylinder explodes during construction of marriage pavilion in Gaya, 10 people injured


In Gaya’s Madarpur village, 10 people, including seven women, were seriously injured due to the explosion of a gas cylinder, whose first aid was given at the sub-divisional hospital. During this, seeing the serious condition, seven people have been sent to Magadh Medical College for better treatment. The said incident is of Madarpur village under the block area on Wednesday.

wedding preparations were going on

According to the information received, the wedding preparations were going on with great pomp in a family living in Madarpur village. Meanwhile, after a sudden incident, there was disturbance in the marriage ceremony. It is told that there was a program of Mandapachadhaan in the said house on Wednesday. The work of cooking food was being done by the women regarding the ritual that suddenly the gas cylinder blasted with a loud sound and many people were injured.

All the injured are undergoing treatment in the hospital

As soon as the gas cylinder exploded, a ball of fire engulfed the women sitting around. At the same time, the ball of fire quickly came out of the main door of the house. During this, the male members of the house sitting outside the door also came in its grip. There was chaos after the incident. All the injured were brought to the hospital by the nearby people for treatment, from where seven injured were referred to Gaya Medical. Three injured are undergoing treatment in the ICU room of the hospital under the supervision of doctors.

Health workers engaged in treating patients with promptness

As soon as the hospital administration came to know about this incident, the doctors, ANMs and health workers were fully present before the arrival of the patients. Sub-Divisional Hospital Deputy Superintendent Dr. Vishwamurthy Mishra, Dr. Suman Kumar, Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, Health Manager Abhay Kumar Sinha and other health workers were engaged in the treatment of patients showing readiness.

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list of injured

The injured included Asha Devi, wife of Nagendra Singh, resident of Madarpur village, Poonam Devi, wife of Laldev Singh, Premkali Devi, wife of Abhay Singh, Vikas Kumar, son of Siddhi Singh, Urmila Devi, wife of Mahendra Singh, Suman Devi, wife of Upendra Singh of Ekadiya, Aarti Devi, Gyanati Devi, Putul Kumari and Shrikant Singh etc.


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