The son of the inspector turned out to be the leader of the gang that printed fake notes in Patna, used to spend notes in petrol pumps and big shops


Ayub Khan is the son of Darega, the mastermind of the gang who printed fake notes at Rajaram Apartment in Anandpuri, SKpuri police station of Patna. Ayub’s father is posted in Katihar. Due to his father’s persuasion and his antics, the inspector’s father has stopped talking to Ayub for years. Originally, Pathi is a resident of Sanaheli village of Kadwan police station in Katihar. A year and a half ago, Ayyub and Sachin had rented a one BHK flat in the basement parking of Rajaram Apartment for Rs 12,000 to do fake nets and other illegal work. After that people associated with Gireh started coming and going. Liquor party also used to run here. The police had gone to raid only on the information of liquor. Police will send the FSL of the recovered fake net and mobile for investigation.

The names of three people came to the fore during interrogation.

During interrogation, Ayyub has mentioned the names of Sachin of Sitamarhi, Shamim of Katihar and a vicious person from Nalanda. The number of these people has also been received by the police. The police is busy investigating it. EOU is also investigating this matter. Here, the police sent Ratan Yadav of Nawada, who was arrested along with Ayub, to jail on Tuesday.

Fake notes and liquor were found in the raid

It is to be known that during the raid on Rajaram Apartment located in Anandpuri of SKpuri police station on Monday, he started running away by opening the window. During this he fell and broke his leg. His leg was operated on Tuesday. He is undergoing treatment under the supervision of the police. Police can take him on remand. The police had recovered 13 fake notes of 500 and 200 denomination of Rs 1.77 lakh, as well as 21 liters of foreign liquor, color printer, paper for printing notes, some semi-finished notes of 100 and 50 rupees etc. from Ayub’s place. The numbers in his mobile were saved in the code word. He also used to do WhatsApp chat in code word only.

Watching the FARZI web series in Patna, youths started printing fake notes, engaged a girl to spend the notes

Notes were used in petrol pumps and big shops

Ayub and the vicious petrels associated with him used to consume the raided fake nets in pumps or big shops. All 500 and 200 notes are of the same series number. According to sources, he goes home to work. Stays away from family. After several months, he went to the village for his aunt’s wedding and returned from there two days before his arrest. Rs 1.77 lakh of Rs 500 was recovered and all of them have the same number. Similarly, 13 of 200 are also on neta. The police is busy investigating all the points.



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