Electricity failure due to strong wind in Bareilly, people had to spend the night on the roofs, the officers kept sleeping peacefully after switching off the phone


Bareilly: of Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Consumers are very upset due to power cuts. People are facing a lot of problems here due to interruption in power supply. There was a power failure throughout the day on Tuesday. In the evening, for some time people saw lightning. After this, the electricity again disappeared due to drizzle with strong wind late in the night.

There was no electricity in many areas of Bareilly city overnight. Consumers kept calling the local power sub-station, JE and line man. But, he switched off the phone. Some calls were not received. Consumers expressed their pain by visiting the local sub-centres. But, there it was returned saying that there was a power fault. That’s why the consumers had to spend the night awake outside the houses or on the roofs.

Children-elderly most troubled

Children and the elderly are the most troubled by the heat. They are not able to come out on the roofs of the houses at night and also outside in the dark. That’s why in summer they remain troubled inside the houses. Inverters are not getting charged due to power failure. It is dark in the houses. People’s phones were also switched off. Because of this, they are not even able to talk to each other on the phone.

Electricity missing in these areas

The heat is increasing due to the continuous increase in temperature. But, the power supply here has gone haywire. For the last several days, the condition of power supply in the city is very bad. On Tuesday night, there was no power supply in Old City, Rahpura, Bankhana, Hajiyapur, Bakranganj, Madinath, Jagriti Nagar of Rampur Road, Anand Vihar, Swalenagar, Vidholia, Maheshpur, Raza Colony etc.

drinking water crisis increased

Due to lack of electricity in many areas of the city, there was no water supply, while the submersibles installed in the houses could not function. People are worried due to non-availability of electricity and water supply in their homes.

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Complain here if the phone is not picked up

People are also very worried about complaining when there is no power supply. No one is receiving his phone at all. Along with this, when will the electricity come, and why is the supply stalled. Information about this is also not available. In such a situation, electricity consumers can register a complaint on the helpline 18001800440 of Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (MVVCL). After the complaint is registered here, it is forwarded to the officers of the concerned district. After this the problem is solved.

Report Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly

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