Surat: Russia, Canada and American will drink amaras!


Mango pulp operations have been started at Surat APMC. On the first day, 25 tonnes of mangoes were crushed. Mango pulp extraction has been started in the presence of all the directors of the organization including APMC President Sandeep Desai. The production of Mango Pulp has started in Surat APMC so that it can be stored throughout the year. This mango pulp is in demand all over Gujarat as well as across the country and abroad in countries like Canada, Russia and America.

Raw mangoes are procured from farmers and after ripening, their pulp is made. Mango Pulp is packed in such a way that it remains fresh for a long time. This year this operation has been started 15 days in advance. There is a plan to make 20 to 25 tonnes of mango pulp per day this season.

Giving information about the entire operation, APMC President Sandeep Desai said that like every year, this year too, the operation to extract pulp from mangoes has been started in the APMC plant. Mango pulp operation being seasonal, this year the operation has been started about 15 days earlier than last year.

It may be noted that the mango pulp prepared in Surat APMC is exported to foreign countries and there is a huge demand for it in foreign markets as well as in domestic markets. About 25 tonnes of mangoes were crushed on the first day. A concrete plan has been made by the APMC team that 20 to 25 tonnes of mangoes will be crushed daily during the season.


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