Founder of Bloomberg LP underlines Qatar Economic Forum’s importance


Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg LP, underscored the importance of the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF) in proposing solutions to all the challenges facing the global economy and the current stage of “exceptional change”.

In his speech during the opening session of the 3rd QEF, Michael Bloomberg pointed out that more than 100 countries participated in the 3rd QEF activities, which is titled “A New Global Growth Story,” including heads of state and government, especially from countries in the South, and hundreds of business leaders, innovators, and global influential companies. He expected that based on the large participation, it is expected that it will be held annually.

He underlined the importance of QEF dialogue and discussion sessions and their role in consolidating and strengthening joint action between decision-makers in the public and private sectors to face these challenges, highlighting that the forum is a hub for discussing global risks and challenges and also the right place to discover opportunities, highlight them and maximize their benefit.

“This continues to be a turbulent time for the global economy. We’ve seen some of the biggest bank failures since the Great Recession. Credit is tightening. Inflation is running high. Russia’s war on Ukraine continues. And the climate crisis will continue to grow worse without a bolder, faster energy transition,” Bloomberg said.

“So I think it’s fair to say that we are living in a time of extraordinary change and the recent developments in artificial intelligence help make that more clear,” he added.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar, with its location between Europe and Asia and its growing strategic importance, is the best place to hold the forum, which discusses geopolitical issues and global trade from the point of view of economically influential countries.

Bloomberg stressed that Qatar will remain the world’s first source of liquefied natural gas, while investing billions of dollars in renewable energy and developing countries, adding that this leadership and ambition are necessary to create more growth and cooperation that the world needs today.



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