Exclusive: It’s not the smallness of the city that matters, it’s the bigness of the dreams – Gitanjali Aran


Director and writer Geetanjali Aran’s film Karma Meets Kismat is going to release soon. In this film, Gitanjali has got the support of capable artists like Sanjay Mishra, Farida Jalal and Alka Amin. Which she calls very special. Originally from Patna, Gitanjali Aran’s journey so far and excerpts from her conversation with Urmila Kori on this film.

How did you get involved with films?

My grandfather SS Sinha was at a very senior level in the Income Tax Department. Later he also became the Income Tax Commissioner. He also had a posting in Mumbai, due to which he had a special friendship with many famous faces of Hindi cinema. He had a very special friendship with Raj Kapoor, Mohammed Rafi, Rajendra Kumar. This is around 70’s. Asha’s grandmother used to tie Rakhi to him. We used to write letters to them. My childhood has been spent listening to many such stories. Due to which I got a special connection with Bollywood.

Have you also grown up in Mumbai?

No, I grew up in Patna. Was in London for seven years, then came to Patna. My father Sachchidanand Sinha is a renowned ENT surgeon from Patna. I have done my studies from Patna only. In my childhood, listening to Bollywood stories from my grandfather, I too developed an attachment to the story. Because of which I did mass media from Patna University. In this, I studied film studies very closely. I topped the university. After knowing Hindi cinema, I did a diploma course from New York Film Academy in London to know foreign films. After that did a course in film making, screenplay writing. After coming to India, I also did a filmmaking course from Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods. After which I decided that training is enough. Now the time has come to work and from there the journey of making my first film started. My first film was Yeh Khula Aasmaan. Raghubir Yadav was in this film and this film was released in 2012.

How did the second film take so long after 2012?

Actually, due to family responsibilities, I had to take a break from film making. I took this break because of my children. I don’t regret it a bit, because I knew that going ahead I have to make films. Although in these years but I remained associated with films, I kept learning by keeping myself updated. I also started classes, in which I used to teach filmmaking to children. In these years he wrote the story of his film Kismat Met Karma.

Will this film be released in theaters or on OTT?

Currently the post production of the film is going on. It will take three months. Only after post production will be able to decide whether the film will be released in theaters or on OTT.

It is often said that the struggle of small town people is big.

Difficulties come in everyone’s journey. How strong are you? Your journey depends on this. Well I think no city is small. Your dreams should be big and the determination to achieve them should be big.

Your father Sachchidanand Sinha is a doctor, how supportive has he been about your career in the industry?

He has always supported me. My father is very educated. He is a very knowledgeable person. He knows that it is not easy to become a writer and make films. Cinema can bring change in the society. To be honest, he is proud of me.

Your upcoming projects?

I am writing scripts for two films. One is the story here and the other is developing a project for the Kingdom of South Arabia. Together with the author there.


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