Dead body of missing teenager recovered from Gandak in Bagaha, father accused friends of murder


Garden. The dead body of the teenager missing for two days has been recovered from the Gandak river. The boy has been identified as 16-year-old Sohit Kumar, son of Nand Kishore Sharma of ward number nine, Dumariya. The father alleges that his son was murdered by his friends only for the sake of mobile. The youth was missing since May 20. The police have taken the body into custody and sent it to the hospital for postmortem. The matter is being investigated.

took friends on saturday

Giving information about the whole matter, Sohit Kumar’s father Nand Kishore Sharma told that his son used to study in class 9 of Naraipur High School. During this, he befriended Vicky, Firoz and Afsar. On Saturday Sohit was taken with his three friends Vicky, Firoz and Afsar. Since then Sohit Kumar did not return home. The father alleges that the boy was killed for the mobile. The father had given an application in this regard at the Patkhauli police station.

Will be revealed after the post mortem report

Here, after being accused, all the three boys are absconding from the house. Relatives say that the mobile phone used by the boy is missing. While searching for the family members, the boy’s cloth was recovered from the river bank. When the surrounding was searched, the dead body was also recovered. In the whole case, OP in-charge Nitish Kumar said that the body has been sent to the sub-divisional hospital Bagaha for post-mortem. The matter will be disclosed only after the post mortem report comes.


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