Bihar: Preparation of banks complete, 2000 notes will be able to be changed from today, know what work will have to be done


2000 Note News: In Bihar, 2000 rupee notes will start being exchanged with other denomination notes from Tuesday. Banks have completed preparations regarding this. Branches of many banks have even made arrangements for special counters. People will not only be able to exchange 2000 notes over the counter, but they will also be able to deposit it in their account. RBI has advised people to deposit or exchange these notes in banks by 30 September 2023. LDM Abhinav Bihari told that the withdrawal process of two thousand notes has been stopped in some cash recycling machines. Customers will not be allowed to face any problem while exchanging or depositing notes. According to the RBI guideline, 10 notes of 2000 will be changed.

Bank will have special arrangement for senior citizens

Special arrangements have been made for senior citizens in banks. They will not be allowed to face any problem in getting the notes changed or deposited in the account. Data will be kept in the banks in which how many accounts of Rs 2000 notes have been deposited daily and how many customers have exchanged Rs 2000 notes. This data will be created till 30 September. Here, according to an SBI official, those who do not want to exchange notes, can deposit it directly in the account from the cash deposit machine. There is no bar for this. People have started exchanging notes only after the guidelines were issued. Notes are being frozen in the account from the cash deposit machine.

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Notes will be deposited without form, identity card

There is no need to fill any form to exchange notes in banks. Along with this, there is no need for any kind of certificate. However, people may face difficulties in depositing money in the post office. For this through the post office, it is necessary to have KYC of your account. In the notice issued by the postal department, there is only a matter of depositing the note in the account, not of exchanging the note.



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