Bihar government is giving seeds on subsidy to farmers for Kharif farming, apply till this day to take advantage of the scheme


Bihar government is providing seeds to the farmers for Kharif farming. In Kharif 2023-24, farmers will be provided with different types of improved paddy seeds on subsidy under various schemes. The application process is on for this. The benefit of the seed scheme will be given only to those farmers who will apply for it. The last date for application for seeds has been fixed by the Agriculture Department as May 30. Meanwhile, farmers can apply for seeds on the agriculture portal.

must be registered with agriculture department

It is necessary for the farmers to be registered with the Agriculture Department for the application. Farmers who are already registered can directly apply for seeds under various schemes. New farmers will first have to register themselves on the agriculture portal. After that will apply for seed scheme benefits.

Insect will be given free of cost along with the seed.

According to the information, under the state scheme, farmers will get insects free of cost along with seeds for observation. In the same other schemes, farmers will get the benefit of subsidy on purchasing seeds. DAO Chandradev Prasad said that farmers desirous of seed scheme benefits must apply online before May 30. The farmers who will apply, only those farmers will get the benefit of the scheme seeds.

Workshop will be organized at the district level on May 27

The date of organizing district level Kharif workshop cum training program in East Champaran has been extended. Now on May 27, district level Kharif Workshop will be organized. Preparation is going on regarding this. Before this, the date of district level workshop was fixed on May 26 from the department. Which the department has extended to May 27. The same workshop cum training camp will be organized in the blocks from May 28. It is possible to organize Kharif workshop at district level in Nagar Bhawan. The Atma project is busy preparing for this.

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Seed target and grant amount

Under the Chief Minister’s Rapid Expansion Scheme, two farmers in each revenue village, six kg of seeds, target 197.20 quintals – Under the State Scheme (below 10 years of age), a grant of Rs 20 per kg on paddy seeds, target 2628 quintals.

Subsidy of Rs 15 per kg on paddy seed (above 10 years of age) under state scheme, target 1285 quintals.

67.50 paise subsidy per kg on Jowar seeds, target 2 quintals.

32.50 paise per kg subsidy on millet seeds, target 2 quintals.

Subsidy of 47.50 paise per kg on Marua seeds, target is one quintal.



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