The newly elected chairman of Bareilly’s Devarnia Nagar Panchayat was in awe of victory, stripped off his clothes and danced in the victory procession.


Bareilly. There was a ban on the victory procession of the newly elected mayor, chairman, councilor and councilors who registered victory in the Uttar Pradesh municipal elections. Candidates were already instructed about this. But, even after this, the newly elected chairman of Bareilly’s Nagar Panchayat Devarnia, Kalim Ansari, was so elated that he along with his supporters started stripping and dancing in the victory procession. This video is going viral on social media after 9 days. After this various discussions have started. However, the Devarnia police have not taken any action in this matter even after 9 days.

The newly elected chairman danced with supporters in the victory procession

The counting of votes for the Uttar Pradesh municipal elections took place on May 13. Independent candidate Kalim Ansari from Bareilly’s Nagar Panchayat Devarnia took out a victory procession in the night with his supporters. His supporters are very happy in this procession, while the chairman took off his clothes in happiness. After this, danced fiercely with the supporters. He forgot the dignity of his position. There is a discussion about this from Nagar Panchayat Devarnia to the district headquarters. Questions are being raised about the inaction of the police in this matter. It is said that Devarnia police station had helped Kalim Ansari a lot during the elections. There were also complaints about this till the district headquarters. There was also discussion about the independent candidate helping the local police station. But, now there is a discussion about taking out the victory procession and not taking action even after 9 days.

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lost the election for the first time

Independent candidate Kalim Ansari has contested the election for the second time. Before this, the elections were lost last time. But in the second i.e. this time Kalim Ansari has won by about 1000 votes. In this happiness, he is dancing by taking off his clothes.

Report- Muhammad Sajid Bareilly


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