Increased crowd at jewelery shops in Patna, jewelers charging more for buying jewelery with 2000 notes


Patna. On the second day on Sunday, the crowd of people buying gold and silver ornaments increased in the shops of jewelers in Patna and surrounding areas due to the consumption of two thousand notes. Seeing the opportunity, jewelers shopkeepers have also suddenly increased the price. According to the information received from the sources, the number of people who buy jewelry from two thousand rupees is being told more in rural areas than in the city. Many jewelers are telling the price of gold only after which note they will give to make the payment. Jewelers are charging 58 to 60 thousand rupees for 10 grams, while the price of gold (22 carat) in Patna on Sunday is Rs 56,400 per ten grams. On the other hand, Patliputra Sarafa Sangh says that there is no such thing. Business is going on as usual.

Recovery of more than two to four thousand rupees

Jewelers told on the condition of anonymity that two to four thousand rupees more were charged for buying 10 grams of gold here on Sunday. Means per 10 grams of gold (22 carat) was sold for 58 thousand to 60 thousand rupees. While the price of 22 carat gold in the market was Rs 56,400 per ten grams. Due to the dedication, the jewelery market is booming. In such a situation, people who have two thousand rupee notes are buying gold ornaments in panic. They are feeling that this time they will never have to face trouble like last time.

Turning to gold to avoid the hassle of income tax

According to finance experts, those who have a large number of two thousand notes, if they go to deposit it in the bank, then they will have to pay income tax on this on the basis of their annual income. Apart from this, the government can also interrogate them for keeping more cash. In such a situation, people are turning to gold to avoid all these hassles. Apart from this, keeping gold is also easy.

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There will be no effect on the price of gold

According to Shashi Kumar, general secretary of Patliputra Sarafa Sangh, in the year 2016 also, a similar rise in gold was seen during demonetisation. At this time gold had reached 30 to 45 thousand rupees. Due to the two thousand rupee note, there will be no effect on the price of gold. The Reserve Bank will withdraw two thousand rupee note from circulation, but the existing notes will not be invalid.


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